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  1. I have been hunting the area for 30+ years and have seen awesome years and horrible years as the sport cycles I guess. I do not personally hunt the lake as I have my own favorite spots. In 95 I was driving around the south shore of Christina and witnessed something spectacular. I would guess more than 10,000 Cans get off the lake at the same time about 200 yards off the shore. Other years even the coots didn't show up. Time will tell if the draw down works but I do believe it will. As for where would I set up my duck camp in Minnesota - right where I am, Outside the state Boissevain, Manitoba. Greg
  2. +1 The Resort is only a few hundred yards from the Christina access. Pretty nice place.
  3. Nice Pic's. I will be talking to the landowner tomorrow to see what I will be able to do. The farmed acres of his property were in beans last year and rotate into corn. I am planning on a strip adjacent to a drainage and wooded area if all goes well. I will look at the layout next time I am up there to set cameras. Thanks Greg
  4. OK so I went hunting last spring for the first time and was lucky enough to bag a nice gobbler full fan and a 9.5 inch beard. The problem is now I keep thinking about going again. I have full access to some property with birds in the area and for future success I would like to plant a few acres into food plot. I have searched a little but not really sure what to do in Minnesota or the laws involved. What types of plants are attractive and will help hold birds? Are there any specific things that will help for the spring/Winter? Obviously, I am looking 1 to 2 years out but what the heck. Thanks Greg
  5. I have not posted in some time but wanted to share. These were taken in Mid-October 2014 in Manitoba. Temps were in the 70's slow hunting but still had a lot of fun. Thanks for looking Greg
  6. The middle one looks like one I picked up a few years back by the Victor Animal Trap Company not worth much but nice too look at. The bottom maybe a Mason but I dont know that much about it. There is a group of collectors in MN that could help identify who the makers were. I have e-mailed them in the past and gotten help with some of mine.
  7. We had a decent season early on but the migration of northern ducks we missed by a day just before Deer season. As I sat in my deer spot I watched thousands of mallards work a corn field 1/2 mile away. They just kept coming from every direction. they were in the area for about a week then moved on. The year before it happened just before Thanksgiving. They do pass through but just as location is important so is timing. You might get a few days that you can really experience a great hunt. I have hunted ducks in canada and seen unbelievable amounts of birds that simply have no pressure on them. They wait up there eating Peas and Rye with nobody but a few scattered hunters and millions of acres of grain until the weather forces them out it is here that the opportunity comes to MN. There are still opportunities in MN to have a great hunt if you time it right. My plan for next year is hunt the local birds then take a few weeks off and start up again around Holloween to the end of the duck season. We will see what happens but I am not quite ready to give it up yet. fnf
  8. I use a Chili-Lime seasoning mixed with a little olive oil for an hour or so. It gives just the right amount of heat to the shrimp. Add it with a nice NY strip, Baked potato, and some grilled french bread and your in business. fnf
  9. Grilled up some lesser canadas on sunday turned out great marinated in garlic and Basil. Going to attempt lamb chops on Wednesday with a little rosemary. fnf
  10. Dont know the weight (CPR) 30+ inches on a Black and Gold Rap in Ottertail Cty. Off the Dock
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