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  1. Jason, I have a 19' Lund ProV with a bunk trailer and have to drive it on and off the trailer. I've never gotten perturbed with anyone that had a similar rig or anyone that is having mechanical issues. It's the one's that haven't done they're prep before they back down the ramp(tie downs, rods/tackle, and all the other things they want to have in the boat) that aggravate me.
  2. labdad


    I have a 10 year old lab that never had allergies until we moved to NC. Thought he was going to scratch his hide off, the vet gave him a 20 mg shot of Methylprednisolone and it worked great. Hope this helps
  3. Super glue works just fine, squirt a little into the hole and pinch it closed.
  4. labdad


    I made the same mistake as Kodiak, I bought it as a back up for my SBE. Tried sending it back you the company to fix a cycling problem and they basically flipped me the bird. But I did get my money back from the dealer, I’d never recommend them.
  5. 2000 Tracker Grizzly 1542, Darby trailer, Mercury L25EH outboard (less than 20 hours),Camo paint, Avery popup blind, Livewell, Rod/Gun box, Motor Guild Trolling motor and battery, Humming Bird Pro Angler + Depth finder, Running Lights, Cranking/accessory battery. Great shape, has always been parked inside when not in use. Pics avail, just give me your email address and I'll send. Asking $5000.00 I've relocated to NC and don't want to make the trip back to tow it here, now asking $4000.00
  6. Pics sent. Fly, I need an address. Time is running out, I'm moving to N.C. in two weeks so if they're not sold by then I'll just give-em to a relative.
  7. I have a QuickFlip III portable ice house (2 man but have fished 4) and Jiffy 8” gas auger that I bought in 2003 and they have been only used once a season. I’m asking $400.00/obo for both (I have them in storage in Sacred Heart and I do have some digital photos).
  8. I keep a new puppy in bed with me, not only does this pre-empt the wining but it re-enforces the training that it received from its mother not to mess where it dens. Plus your house breaking is a lot easier because instead of getting up at intervals through the night the puppy will let you know when it’s time to go out. If done properly this will only last a week or less and then be able to stay the crate only to let you know it’s time to go out (I had my last pup house broke in a day and a half with this method).
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