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  1. Geothermal is an incredible system. I put it my new home and a very happy I did. I am heating just under 4,000 sq/ft. and my highest heating bill in the last two winters was $108. Keep in mind geothermal also cools the house as well. My highest cooling bill was $22. I had the verticle wells installed simply because I didn't want to lose my trees nor the expense of relandscaping half my yard. There are several contractors in Minnesota and western Wisconsin that install geothermal systems. My advice is to talk to and get bids from several contractors and get referances from each. Take the time to educate yourself on the system and ask questions. The system can be expensive. The contractors I spoke with estimated a 7-8 year payback but based on my bills the first two years I should see the system paying for itself in the first 5 years.
  2. How much of a meltdown did Devils Lake see this week? Is travel on the ice any easier?
  3. How do panfish pattern in aereated lakes durring the course of the winter. I was on a real good bite up until a couple weeks ago. Still marking plenty of fish but very tough to get them to bite. Does their metabolism slow? Do the active fish migrate to the aereators?
  4. Great, I'll have to try it then. This lake I fish historicaly has a good deepwater bite all winter long but the last couple years it has been tough dispite a good population of panfish. Curley leaf is relativley new(5 years) and has developed a couple of good weedbeds. I'll have to try shallow.
  5. Does curley leaf pondweed attract fish in the winter? I know it grows under the ice, especially in late winter. I'm assuming the green culey leaf would attract fish, am I wrong?
  6. I got a 3 day guided ice fishing package on Devils lake for Christmas. What can I expect and is there a better time of the winter to go up? Thanks for the help.
  7. I got a 3 day guided ice fishing package for Christmas and am looking for the best time of the winter to go. I hear a lot of good things about Devils Lake. What can I expect?
  8. There is some posts going on there but I was hoping someone would have more info here.
  9. I am heading to Devils Lake ND sometime this winter. What is the best time of the winter to go?
  10. Thanks biglake, great site! Which cameras do you prefer?
  11. What is the best digital trail camera I can buy with a budget of $200-$250.
  12. Cheffrey, Speaking with our neighbors is our next step. I've got the proof of two on the wall and hundreds of trail camera pictures to try and sell my point. I'll get my cameras out next week and we'll see what survived the season. How receptive were your neighbors when you spoe with them? I think the biggest problem is people doubting QDM works. I doubted it too but I have seen a significant change even with pressure all around us.
  13. We have had coyotees move into our hunting property. We have never had to deal with this before. What effect will this have on our deer heard and how will it effect our hunting?
  14. I hunt 93 acres of land that is surrounded by 15-40 acre pieces of hunting property. We used to be if it's brown it's down but after 10 years of that there was little challenge. The problem was we never saw a decent buck. 7 years ago we put in food plots and raised our standards to only shoot a buck worthy of going on the wall. The result has been 2 on the wall and one big boy missed in the last 6 years. This along with seeing a trophy every year. I know the neighbors shoot some of the bucks we let walk but that is o.k. I know if I shoot them they will never have a chance. I enjoy the work and the challenge of trying to grow big bucks. To me planting food plots, using trail cameras, and letting little bucks walk are as enjoyable as taking a trophy and that is why I hunt. I would never take anything away from someone who shoots a small buck but anyone that doubts that you can improve the size of your bucks because your neighbor shoots them is wrong. I have seen the change first hand. Discussing this with my taxidermist he has seen a difference in recent years also as more people pass on small bucks.
  15. The number of shots was way down. I hunt north of Garrison and I did not hear more than 15 shots saturday or sunday. A normal year you would hear that the first hour. Tutt's in Garrison said they registered 550 deer last year opening weekend. This year 150 were registered. The only shot I heard on monday was my own and we always hear some shoothing on monday. Monday was a perfect weather day and the deer were moving so I do not understand why no shots. Our party did o.k. going 3 for 5 including a very nice 9 point that I took. We could have easily filled out if we wanted to shoot small bucks but we let the small ones go to give them a chance at to get big.
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