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  1. DaveZman14q

    Boat in campsites

    Are those sites pretty easy to find? Any idea if they will provide enough shelter if the wind picks up so I dont swamp my boat parked on shore?! Thanks!
  2. DaveZman14q

    Boat in campsites

    I'm sure this has been covered numerous times so thanks for bearing with me! Looking for a few good ideas/locations on where to do some secluded camping. I've done multiple trips on the St Croix and Mississippi but want the next trip to be on a lake (or a different river). Would prefer to boat to the campsite but would also be willing to hike in a bit and bring the canoe instead of the boat. Are there any good lakes/locations within 3 hours or so of the cities here? I know there are a lot of good ones up north such as Voyageurs National Park, Bearhead State Park, etc... But my better half says that is too far. Any ideas?!
  3. DaveZman14q

    Seasonal camping on a lake

    This might give you a few ideas... http://www.dnr.state.mn.us/state_parks/extended_stay.html
  4. DaveZman14q

    Muskie Photo Gallery

    38 39 41 41 42 7/27 - 7/30 5 fish in 4 days... 2 on the figure 8. Muskie fishing is easy
  5. DaveZman14q

    Propwash suggestions?

    I've heard a little talk about this before but my theory is if a muskie is going to hit a lure in your prop wash, shes probably quite aggressive and would hit your lure no matter what. Personally, it sounds like a great way to do a lot of fishing, not catching...
  6. DaveZman14q

    Letting your kid take your boat?

    Dont forget to make sure you get them to vaccuum and wax the boat whenever needed!
  7. DaveZman14q

    Made my day, and my summer

    I love the positive story for once!! Way too much focus on the negative things in life!
  8. DaveZman14q

    Electric Only Lakes MN

    I think they should open the chain of lakes to Jet Skis on the 4th... then ticket everyone for DUI's and put that $$ toward more muskie stocking!
  9. Thinking about planning a trip at the end of July to go chase some muskies up there. What kind of structure/depths are people getting them at this time of year? I was thinking some mid lake humps where the white fish might be stagging off of. Am I on the right track? Any other advice?
  10. DaveZman14q

    Clarify: Canoe with Trolling Motor

    Ignorance is bliss
  11. DaveZman14q

    Advice for a beginner

    Get as far out of the metro as possible... otherwise try your best to fish weekdays. I catch most mine in the evening, but if you have to fish weekends in the metro, make sure your lure is the first they see!
  12. DaveZman14q

    Advice for a beginner

    When you see a boat with a couple guys who seem to know what they are doing, quickly cut 30 yards in front of them and finish fishing their piece of structure! Only in the metro!
  13. DaveZman14q

    lake minnetonka muskies

    Pick a couple nice looking spots on the east side, fish them in the evening when the sun is still out and you can see where all the weedlines, etc are (mark a trail on your depth finder/gps so you know where you've been), then go back and fish that same path until 3am. Fish for follows during the day, fish for fish during the night on Tonka...
  14. DaveZman14q

    Boat coming out of storage

    Where is the closest place to launch a boat from Maple Grove (this coming Sunday). Im heading to the Rainy soon and want to take her for a test run to make sure all the bugs are worked out. Would prefer not have to drive all the way down to pool 3 or 4... Any ideas?