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  1. John, Thanks for the kind words! How are you doing in BASS? I hope business is well. Just got done filming a show at the California Delta and Clear Lake, with Randy Jones (Randy Jones Strike Zone on the Outdoor Channel) this last June along with Dennis Green (yes, the coach). Real cool experience. Dennis is very passionate about fishing, and a super individual! Too bad you won't be available on this trip. I have'nt been back since the July 4th trip. Maybe next time. Or, you will have to plan a trip to California during the cold months and help me catch some drop-shot fish and on a "new" technique that has taken it's place (beleive that??) As far as fishing on this trip. I will be fishing with my brother and Dad at Tonka, we'll just drift with the Valco. I have to get those guys a boat with a Minn Kota! Stay in touch, Dan
  2. I guess know one knows anything about the lakes around Rogers or Osseo. I went to lake Don Pedro last night (launched at Moccassin). Man! the water is dropping fast. They moved all the house boats in the river arm and took the 5MPH almost to the bridge. I have a Poe Man's tourney tonight at Pedro and another club event (Stanislaus Bass Club) on Saturday night, also at Pedro. I will be at New Melonies next month. over 700 post since '06. Do you frequent Western Bass? What is your name their, if you do? Dan
  3. Hello everybody, It has been a while visiting this forum. I see a few names that have been sticking out the "pan-fish" we love-Bass. Bass fishing has been super non-stop action here in Northern California for me. I will be visiting my family August 21st to the 23rd. Not a lot of time, but I rarely go 3 days without fishing for bass EVER (year-round)! My dad recently moved to Rogers (between Osseo and Rogers) and I was wondering if anyone would like to have me pre-fish a lake within that area for an upcoming tournament you may be having? Otherwise, my Mom lives in St.Louis Park and I will just spend a couple of days on 'Tonka. I just like trying new water, it's a cool adventure. I just went fishing yesterday at the California Delta. I mostly caught buzzbait fish (about 10 fish with the biggest at 3 lbs) because the tide was higher and the grass was slightly submerged. My partner caught a 4lb on a crankbait (Lucky Craft BDS #3, in the "Mad Craw" color). We did catch senko fish (6" green Pumpkin, weight-less, weedless) and I flipped (1/4" oz. screw-lock, 3/o hook, 25# Seagur line, bluegill color "Ika") 3 fish in the grass (millfoil). Maybe I will see one of you guys on your home lake in a few weeks. Rip a lip! Dan
  4. Hooked like a Senko texas style. But I would try the jig thing if you want to experiment. I like 4/0 (owner xxwide round, rig'n hook), but if you can get away with 5/0, your odds do improve!!!
  5. a little help on the knock off. Can you e-mail ([email protected]) me the name or site? I am with you, $7 bucks for a jig is insane.
  6. Ikeslayer, Cute future fishing buddy. I have 2 of them (8 years old and 10), they get big fast!!! Last year quite a few tournaments were won using the Horny Toad and other imatation lures like it. BUT, they are fishing them like spinnerbaits through (not on top) the grass and tulies. Heres the secret (trust me it is a well kept secret out west still!)"FlipR70" is on to something here (it's just a little bit differant). Here is what I know: 1) 1/16 oz to 1/8 oz(max 1/8) tungsten weight (NOT PEGGED) it has to slip freely so the line and bait don't twist. 2) choose a hook that works best for you, I like the Owner extra wide round (riggn hook) 4/0 3) your choice here, I use 17# Silver Thread 4) 7' Med. Heavy rod to penetrate the hook through the bait 5) any 6.3:1 baitcast reel that can handle 17# to 20# Technique: 1) open water - must throw the bait to the edge of the grass or tulies, brush etc. 2) let the bait fall (count top 5, 10, 15 and so on, your choice here) 3) slow retrieve like your slow reeling a spinnerbait or crank. I have caught fish post spawn reeling it pretty fast (while keeping the bait submerged) on windy banks. Do the same thing though the grass (slop) and tulies. This technique is weedless, puts out a lot of vibration and is deadly for big fish. With all the aquatic vegetation you have in Minnasota this should be gold!!! Let me know how it works, Dan ps.have you FMers heard about the chatterbait (part jig, crank and spinnerbait)? This bait is so Hot right now you have to give them 45 plus days to ship. This bait is awesome in the grass here right now. I would leave a web-site but I must respect FM rules...unless I am given permission.
  7. I don't get it. Even a novice fisherman would wait to certify a legal bass that size....something fishy about the whole story. Basfan had an interview with the guy who had the 1st shot at this monster, according to the guy, he was offered $1000 bucks by Winn and his buddies to fish the spot. Interesting article. I hope to get a chance to fish Dixon this Summer, while doing the Disneyland/Legoland/Sea World family trip. Who knows, I might make a few thousand bucks if I can just locate some fish, HA HA. Pay for one day at Disney (which you have to get a loan for, almost). I live about 45 minutes from the Cal Delta, 3 hours from Clear Lake and about 8 hour drive from San Deigo. But to answer your question, yes, that would be a five gallon bucket with an attitude for sure!!! I would hope to get a clear bite off a bed, but I would probably call my wife and let her know I wouldn't be home for a long time (days or weeks if so) until I got her fair and square. dump man, a guy might be able to retire off that fish.... then someone would catch a 26 pounder... Fun to dream, Dan Flourcarbon-Your are right - a proper palomar - for sure!! I will try the Gamma, thanks for the tip!
  8. Flourocarbon has won me some money the last 2 weeks!! I have 6 spinning rods with either 6lb or 8lb "Seaguar" Flourocarbon line. I always use a pre-wetted palomar knot for all tying. I caught a 5.80 pound largemouth on Saturday fishing the drop-shot on 6#. For my baitcasters I use: 10 pound Seaguar for flukes, (deep-water)crank-baits and rip-baits 12# Seaguar for jigs and senkos 20# for spinnerbaits and flipping *I seem to get more bites on Flouro when flipping/pitching outside grass lines. And because the line wants to sink you can get away with lighter weights or no weight at all for a slower fall. If the water is stained and you can't see past 2' I go with Power-pro braid (reaction baits) or 25# Stren flourescent mono (flipping/pitching brush, tulies, or thick grass). For the big swimbaits (MS Slammers, Huddlestons, mission fish etc.) I only use 25# P-line, Monofilament, on an extra-heavy, 1 pc, 8' Shimano, Crucial Rod. Probably more info than you wanted, but someone may find it helpful?? *I have tried the Vanish, P-line, Stren, and Bass Pro Flourocarbons and I really think the Seaguar is worth the money. Saving money seems to always costs me more money later!!! Dan
  9. LTG, Fall is tricky! My rule of thumb is to find the bait-fish (shad, fry, etc.)!! Finding crawfish is the second clue, but hard to do (think like a crawdad... rocks-wood-rocks-wood). Dietz is right-on (from my experience) with the green healthy weed issue. Deeper weeds will maintain longer than shallow/visual weeds. Normally when lakes turns fish will be in the in-coming water if you have any, otherwise your skrewd (just kidding, sort of). Everyone is right on with bait choices. I like rip baits, spooks and drop-shots which target suspended-bait-chasing-tough-biting-Bass. Two baits that are catching fish here in California in the last month are Zoom horny toads with 1/16" oz. weight texas style slow rolled like a spinner-bait and tungsten and glass texas rigged super hogs (Zoom as well) right in the tules. Maybe these tricks will help, Dan
  10. Last week in a tournament, a German short-hair (a dog, not a spud gun owner) was on the dock wanting to get at my partners spinner-bait when all of a sudden he hooks a three pounder. Out of the water comes the head shaking bass, in jumps the dog!! Hurry! Get the net "Houston", we've got company!! True story. Weighed the fish in along with a 6.60 big bass for 15.48 lbs. Yes, dock owners can be pretty rude at times. A good freind of mine said it best, "be the best well behaved Bass-fisherman that dock owners meet." Avoid confrontation if at all possible. If that doesn't work just remind them that you now know the place that they live and sleep (this will usually make them feel like thinking twice about rule #1, avoid confrontations, but with bass dudes). Thats all until next time boys and girls. Good night, Dan
  11. Thanks for the responce guys. I may be available for Tuesday Am as well. No I didn't bring the boat due to I don't like to check the bags on the plane. Let me know, my e-mail is [email protected] Dan
  12. I am staying with family here in St.Louis Park and I need to get some fishing in. I brought some drop-shot baits (Robo) and a few packs of Sweet Beevers and want to try some California flippn' techniques on the grass here in 'Tonka or Medicine. I fish 2 days a week for bass in a 518 Ranger (2000). I fish 2 tournament curcuits this year. One as a pro and one team curcuit. I took 11th place for the year as a pro in Nor-Cal Bass. I may be a great source of info and am willing to share whatever I know to enjoy a day fishing out of state. I would like to find someone that may want to fish super early (5am) until around 10am on Sunday and Monday that way I show up when everyone wakes up to visit. If no one is available to I would like some bank fising ideas for any lakes close to St. Louis Park (Burd Place)? Any help would be appreciated, Dan Sexton
  13. What a crappie!! A couple of new products hitting the market that are catching numbers and big fish at that: 1) The "swamp donkey" is a new frog that can "walk the dog" very well and has a good hook up ratio in the slop. 2) Boo Yaa (Bill Dance endorced) baits makes a spinnerbait that is called "counter sink" . This spinnerbait is a double willow with a minor differance that gives it a fish catching advantage. The blades have holes for the swivel that are off-set to give the spinnerbait unresistable action. Let me know how those Minnesota Bass like 'em, Dan
  14. Tom, Great tip! The dealer just wants more of my money. What oil do you like to use?
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