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  1. you reading them odds wrong-- or I got a bad education at Madison,,, Steel Curtain -2.5 is what I got. Should be a good Super Bowl--- Packer lose their 2nd in a row--- 28-24 on a Big Ben TD pass to the ex-Goph Spaeth.
  2. What I can't understand is that the top schools in the NCAA (Kansas etc.) have to recruit kids with ?? backgrounds. I can see MN etc,, they don't get the cream of the crop and have to take a chance on JUco etc's. As successful as Iowa football has been under Ferentz,, they have led the Big 10 in arrests since 2001. same thing,, they take a chance on the shady kids,, and pay for it,, but still win. Winning is all that matters,, and that's why middle of the road schools with fairly easy entrance credentials (not Duke for example,) have to take a chance to compete agst the bigger schools. See Cincy and wait until the bomb explodes in Storrs under Calhoun when leaves,,, it will make Pete Carroll look like a Saint,, The UConn mens' program has more violations not reported then the US GOVT.
  3. AMEN--- Montana these players today are candya$$ compared to the past. bigger and faster, yes,, but come on. they are paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to play one game,, and they complain. College players would relic it. New England come Jan will be worse and anyone complaining ,,, Belichek will not allow to play I can tell you that. also-- heating the field before taking the tarp off will cause worse condtions in the snow (ice) if they just let it fly commando. Tonight well bring out the real football players. Heck, anyone can play in dome conditions.
  4. especially at the Louis,,, a dump if you've ever been their. then again-- it is Dumptroit.
  5. Yeah-- 1B-- Deric Barton of the A's. Look at his def #'s compared to Texieras' . Gold Glove is all about everything but true fielding. PLease,, Kurt Suzuki or Joe Mauer,,, who do you think people are going to vote for??? Same goes with most of the other winners. THe only solid winners in the AL I agree with are Buerhle at P and Cano at 2nd. Beltre is a better 3B than Longoria.
  6. when a catcher throws out 21% of base runners,, has more E than he's ever had--- and still wins a GG. See hitting. See Derek Jeter. Also check out -- SS Alexi Ramirez-- SS Derek Barton and catcher Kurt Suzuki. They are the ones that got the shaft. No way #7 should have had the GG this year. Best hitting C,, yes,, but not best def C,, and his Def has gone down hill in the last couple of years.
  7. Mudcutter

    Packers 2010

    The pack are ahead of the Vikes by 2 in the loss column. A win by the Vikes agst the Bears on road puts the pressure on. Another win agst the Pack at the Dome,, really puts the pressure on the pack. Pack have a harder schedule down the chute. If the Vikes beat them at the dome,, NFC games take the cake,, and I see the Pack have lost to Wash, CHI. The Vikes also have 2 losses to NFC teams being NO and GB. The game in the Dome will decide the fate of NFC North!!!!
  8. What does yesterdays' game make the total??? 23 or 46??? How many of horsefaces' "comebacks" involved the leg of Elam or the legs of sammy winder or Terrell Davis??? My bet using the same bolonga criteria is #4.
  9. not London FLetcher,, but Leonard Little,,, --- sorry for that. point is--- commit a serious crime (manslaughter) as major pro athelte,,, your good to go. Do something like send a pic on your phone,, you seem to gather more attention. Funny how it's totally 180 for Joe the plumber. once again, the Favre deal is a complete waste of time.
  10. the whole thing is a joke. throwing the ball on a beach to get close to chicks,, (which the Jets did) or sending a pic on a phone,,, who really cares other than his wife??? For Goodness sakes,,, London FLetcher KILLED a person and still plays. He was not allowed to play for a year,,, but a human life was taken,, Favre's situation is a joke over played by the media,, once again. Imagine that.
  11. weak NFC-- no one is scary. Vikes played at the Jets (best team ranked by some major media outlets) and gave them all they wanted. Vikes just need to hold serve and win one game they shouldn't and they are in the playoffs at 10-6. Oh yeah,, Vikes at the Pack,,, high scoring ,,, last team with the ball wins.....
  12. BM--- [PoorWordUsage] Why everyone hates the Yanks is beyond me. It makes the Twins look better. AP will show C.Lee a thing or two about Yankee postseason Baseball. Also-- the Yankee lineup is the best at adjusting to the starting pitcher gameplan that I have ever seen. As we know well, get to the hammer of GOD #42,, = GAME OVER GO YANKS!!!!
  13. Boise St. would rock OU. Junior and Seniors agst underclassmen.. I wanna see boise and oregon. Too bad the entire east coast would be more interested in the NBA,,, but give Boise a chance,, that have beaten everyone they have played,,, including Okie and Oregon twice. Boise St can play,,,,
  14. Brian Bulaga VS. ray edwards = #12 on his rear end with the pigskin. Almost all Iowa Off lineman are over rated --- see Robert Gallery. Iowa Def is a diff deal,, see aaron Kampman,, Greenway, Sanders,, etc.
  15. Huskers will get beat bt OU in the conf title game. OU will lose one along the way. The National title game selection will be a mess. 5-7 one loss teams from major confs with TCU and Boise being unbeaten. THe only caveat is Oregon,, but OSU will show them their toughest road test all year. IF Oregon goes unbeaten,, they have to be in the mix,, along with Boise. Ohio ST will go down at Iowa.
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