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  1. Just got home from SD Sunday. What a grind it was... 30MPH winds and super dry conditions made for a interesting hunt. From Friday to Sunday we ended with 40 birds and one banded Ross that is en-route to the Taxi! This is what 1300 decoys looks like from afar. 30 MPH head wind combined with a loaded down enclosed trailer = Poor MPG
  2. our gang is rolling out Thursday for SD. I spoke with someone who was in SD last week and said they where getting the 10-20 bird range. Where are you headed Chub?
  3. Nice looking spread im hoping to be in SD by the 22nd!
  4. Bryce: That looks great! Keep the updates and pictures coming where are you hunting?
  5. this goofy weather has me wondering what will happen in SD if the will blast right over or stop in for a few bites to eat? Next weeks forecast looks interesting. Good to hear a few starting to trickle in
  6. I can hardly wait anyone else got any trips planned?
  7. tracker x-2

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    not excited for either team to play this weekend....
  8. tracker x-2

    Kits for mounting antlers

    Here are is some i did got some good ideas from Donbos link! They are nothing to fancy but I have done some of the chepo F.F plaques and they didn't hold up well and felt cheap.
  9. tracker x-2

    Pictures of you snowmobile!

    My dad and I did a little black Friday shopping In little falls!
  10. tracker x-2

    Winter project antler mounting

    Here is a couple I have done recently. Thinking about redoing some of the older ones with the cheapo red fleet farm plaque. And my cousins first deer!
  11. tracker x-2

    Tree stand

    I have one and use it regularly. One word of caution though... the foot platform is really small i welded some brackets and installed more wire mesh to extend the foot platform to go further under the seat.
  12. tracker x-2

    Rutting Reports

    Saturday evening my wife decided she wanted to come with me so we set up in a ground blind. as son as we set up a fat coon came by and she thought that was pretty cool. at last light we had doe come right by with a nice buck in pursuit, how ever he stayed behind a lotta brush and i couldn't get a shot.
  13. Hunted in the south metro Friday, Sat. very few ducks flying both mornings. This is the slowest start to any duck season as far as i can remember....
  14. tracker x-2

    butt hurt range officer

    Hand Gunner by any chance do you listen to the half a$$ed morning show?
  15. tracker x-2

    Archery Hunting Photos

    Here is my dads deer shot Friday Eve. he watched this one (tall boy) and another 8 pt feeding and sparing around his stand for about 30 min. before presenting a shot. Dad made a awesome shot with the 2 blade G5 slicing right through his heart, made for a easy tracking job!!!