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  1. Quote: Yup, the QAD Ultra LD was 110.00 bucks...but I have heard them going cheaper on HSOList. Are they worth the money?....I sure like it...but that is me. Cliffy. Thanks for posting this Ciffy....I got the QAD (Ultra rest) LD. Shot it last night and robin hooded my 3rd arrow. I can't beleive the tight groups compared to the Diamond Cobra I had. Very happy and like the arrow retention and quietness.
  2. Quote: If you like the Ripcord..you might want to take a look at the QAD Ultra LD. Thanks for posting this Ciffy....I got the QAD (Ultra rest) LD. Shot it last night and robin hooded my 3rd arrow. . I can't beleive the tight groups compared to the Diamond Cobra I had. Very happy and like the arrow retention and quietness.
  3. Quote: I know how it is getting people to show up though. I know the reason I didn't show up Sunday was because the walleyes at Jamestown (as well as other lakes) are a sundown bite. I'd been fishing all weekend and driving back 120 miles, especially with fish to clean when I get back, just didn't sound to good when I have to go to work on Monday. Maybe if it was a Saturday it would work out better.
  4. I'm heading out before sun-up Saturday morning from Hawley. I'm going to make a stop at a trout pond on the way. Since there's virtually no snow this year I'm going to just bring my maroon Suzuki Vitara instead of the truck and wheeler. Should get to the Res in the afternoon some time then back out (unless I stay out) before sun-up Sunday morning. c-yall there!
  5. ScottND


    I've got Sorels. They are 15 years. Never had a problem gettin cold until I started hunting from a tree stand or blind where I don't move. Now I noticed at 5 degrees and below My toes get cold. Started looking at new boots but thought I'd try something and Man does it work. DUCT TAPE MINI HEAT PACKS TO THE TOP OF YOUR SOCKS AT THE TOES....TOASTY IN ANY TEMP.
  6. I had 3 and a hardside but I sold my Otter resort to buy goose decoys which left me with the hardside, an Otter Den and a HT one man. I might use the Den this weekend, to keep the holes open longer, but normally I move to much and they become a hassle.
  7. FYI...I'm originally from Jamestown and fished the Dakota Anglers spring tournament on the Res last spring with my son. (he owns the Buff bar and lanes in Jamestown) We were constantly catching walleyes and sometimes all four lines. The number of doubles were amazing. Most were 13 1/2-3/4. The slot began at 14" but did we ever have fun. We limited with up to 18"ers both days. During prefishing, once we found them, we only used one rod a piece because you didn't have time for two . I know there in there and big snot rockets too. Oh...there's also crappies and some cribs put in for them. Ahhh..for memories: In the mid 80's my bro in law and I caught a limit of 4.5 to 10.6 walleyes and perch to 14" from 10:30 am to 12:30 pm between Christmas and New Years on the east shore accross from Smokey's. I also had a northern on for 20 minutes that would have gone 48" for sure if I wasn't chicken to stick my hand in it's mouth to pull it out. The warden had heard I was in to a big one and I had about 8 people, including him, in the 8' x 10' house watching. No one had a gaf or would volunteer to gill it. .
  8. Quote: We even have some small door prizes in store this year thanks to some of FM's great sponsors. Nothing like a LX5 but some lures and other gadgets for on the ice. GADGETS!! Count me in . I sold my Otter Resort though so I don't think I'll be spending the night in the portable this year. An Otter Den is a little tight to stretch out in. c-ya all there!
  9. Hmmm...looks they could care less about the lakes around Detroit Lakes/Cormorant.
  10. ScottND


    Quote: mickeys here too you can get them on hsolist now for $30.00 100% waterproof and I have never had cold feet with them white ones are warmer then the black ones I have both make sure the brand is "bata" there are a few cheap knockoffs floating around...mickey boots are the best boots you will own I've been seeing the black ones at Fleet Farms for $29.
  11. Quote: Do any of you use the $249 Wild Thing Pack. Just curious. Even if I am lucky enough to finagle my way into a Double Bull, I couldnt afford one but they look pretty slick way to carry. I'd like one but my better sense tells me NO until I find one used/whatever for $100. I bought a frame pack with a bag at Gander for $37 (on sale Reg $49) and it will be fine for now. I've hiked several miles with it and it works OK.
  12. Quote: One more thing. Are the DBs water resistant or waterproof? I'm not sure how they advertise them but I sat in mine while it rained pretty heavily for 3 hours last Saturday and the only thing that leaked was the zipper on the top panel. It dripped just a little. Nothing that concerned me.
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