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  1. I have never tried take n bake pizzas on our weber charcoal grill, but we have done homemade pizzas quite often and it works real well. We cook the pizza on a stone (one made in france that takes heat up to 750 degrees) using direct heat with charcoal and a touch of hickory chunks to bring up the temp a bit more. Our stone temp is around 550 degrees when we put our pizza with toppings on it. The pizzas only take a tad under 10 minutes to cook and we are able to get a nice brown crust along with browned cheese. We keep the cover on the grill throughout the cooking time.
  2. Sounds like you had a good time. I totally agree with you on the 10-12noon thing. There was quite a few weekends where i stayed out in the afternoon and I only seen a fish maybe once or twice after 1. Lately I've been just going out from 8-1.
  3. Quote: Its all going to depend on the situation. More times then not, I dont have to recut the hole. The reason that i saw that, is becuase i leave my live decoy in the whole about 4 inches in, where he will never be able to get out of the water. This will allow the line to be able to keep the whole from freezing up. There has not been a time that i have had to recut the hole by doing this. I never keep the house out over a period of time. If i know that i am not going to be able to make it out within 1-2 days, i will pull off the house. I use a Mankato Portable, so i will be able to pull it off all the time. There is alot of saws out on the market right now. Honestly, your not going to by a bad saw. The keep to keeping the saw up to par, is to make sure that you dont bend it. Always cut the hole with the saw at the right angle so you dont bend the blades. Once thow blades get bent, your going to have alot of problems. The biggest key that i can give you when your cutting your hole, is cutting the 5 holes with the auger. If you cut the 5 holes in the 4 corners, and then one in the middle, your never going to be able to miss the cut. This way, by having the 5th hole in the middle, your going to be able to cut the hole into 4 chunks. Its going to make it alot easier to be able to get the ice out of the water. Hope this helps ya out. Ok thanks a lot that does help out. I have a permanent that I've had out since around mid december. Since I work during the week I'm only able to get out during the weekend. I have plywood covers that i put over my holes, (i have two spearholes in my house) that are insulated with about 3 1/2" of that tinfoilish (can't remember the name) looking foam insulation. It works pretty well but i still get about 1-2" sometimes when it sits during the week. I think the saw will probably work real well to true up the hole instead of doing so with a chisel. Brad
  4. BassNSpear - Do you reopen your spearhole with the icesaw also? What is the thickest ice you have cut with the icesaw? Are there any specific icesaw brands you recommend vs others? Thanks, Brad
  5. Quote: What do you guys use to clean out the ice chips from cutting the hole with your auger. I found a good use for those old cracked scoop shovels on the farm take and drill about 50 or so 1/2inch holes in them and they work good to get out the slush I use a 5 gallon bucket that I have drilled a lot of holes in the bottom of it. It works real well and allows you to get a huge load of ice chips out with one scoop. I also use a smaller 5 gallon like pail (i think they are 2 1/2 gallon) I modified for a minnow bucket. I cut a circle out of the top cover and pop riveted a small piece of expanded metal in it. In order to get it to sink i place a rock in it. I then attach it to an eye in my house with a small cable dog chain. I used to use rope, but if you have an accident with the chisel its easy to cut right through the rope. Don't ask me how i know lol.
  6. Anyone else go out spearing last weekend? I went out on saturday and sunday morning. I got only 1 about 3 1/2 lbs on saturday (seen 2) and 3 on sunday ranging from 3 1/2 - 4 1/2 lbs (seen 3). Out of all the fish only one hit my live decoy. They haven't been in a feeding frenzy it doesn't seem, the last couple of weekends. I almost exclusively use live decoys which is not very common I don't think? Does anyone else? There is another spearhouse that is only about 50' away from me and he hasn't seen anything he says. I'm not sure if its the location or the live decoys. He has been only using fake decoys. I have yet to not see a fish out there, since late december and I have been going out every weekend since then. Also does anyone know if northerns feed on bullheads regularly? The lake i'm spearing at is loaded with black bullheads, but have only found one bullhead inside of a northern. I've found lots of perch, sunfish etc. in the others. Take care, Brad
  7. Hi Abens, Yeah actually bongards is a sliced american (non wrapped) cheese that is very similar to other brands (crystal farms, craft, etc.). I think if you get a good quality american cheese and slice it fairly thin you will have good results. I would have to agree that bongards does make the best sliced american though. I hope this helps. Brad
  8. bcorradi

    T Hass

    Yes I totally agree. I think if we are able to go into this season with a healthy THud,Wally, and Cassell we should have a great year. Also I think Kandi Man should be a lot better this year. Take care, Brad
  9. Hey TheGuy, I can't help ya with any weber smoking ideas. You wouldn't happen to have a good beef or pork roast recipes for the weber would ya? Take care, Brad
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