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  1. Wow! I really appreciate all the quick resposes. It sounds like North of Emily is the place to be. I saw on the DNR's web page there is a public spot up around that area. I believe it was called the Land O' Lakes WMA. I may start up that way. Any word about Palisade/Aitkin area. I know there is a river that runs through Palisade there must be backwaters somewhere also saw a few public spots up and down Hwy 169. Thanks again to everyone for the help.
  2. I finished school last December in South Dakota and enjoyed 4.5 years of the best hunting I have ever seen. Now I am back in the Twin Cities wishing I was still in school just for the hunting perks. Anyways, hunting around the metro has been quite poor compared to what I am used too and talking about it is only self embarassment! I grouse hunted around the Emily area two weekends ago and did quite well. I will be going up again this weekend and am wondering how the duck/goose numbers look this year. I have never waterfowl hunted in the area but am going to give it a try. Any info you can give me would be much appreciated. I am not looking for your secret spot but if you know of an area I may want to consider let me know. I will also be scouting on Saturday in order to hunt Sunday morning. Also if anyone is interested I have a boat and well trained dog, if anyone is interested in joining me please let me know. Thank you in advance for you help.