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  1. You know i have never seen anything about how people feel abotu game farms as far as i see they should all be put out of business because all they do is make hunters look like blood thristy animals i guess i could care less if i walked with my cousin and frends dogs for two weeks straight nad didn't even see a rooster but there are guys out there that feel they need to have a bigger advantge over the birds they go out and and shot many stupid pen raised birds that are very easy for the dog to get up what's the point Don't like what i think i don't really care
  2. wallygators

    goose calls

    Just got to know how to shop i can acrylic calls that sound awesom for under 50 only one call i like better than theses and that is the Goose Pimp and evey one knows that aint uner 100 barely under 2
  3. You guys just aren't treating them right you have to treat them like dump cause then the prove you wrong Took dozen and half on our anual trip to canada used and abused them and only one head busted and that got run over by a truck and trailer so as far as i see it Big FOOTS SUCK that look like dump and hey the geese have seen them millions of time at least the avery's look like real geese
  4. wallygators

    Lac Qui Parle?

    Hey guys i don't know if you heard but there was some talk of Lac Qui Parle opening for the late season since it was a Crappy harvest down there this year
  5. wallygators

    Hockey Talk

    Avs then wild i hate the wings of course like any good avs fan. the Avs problem in the playoff this year was not only the grinders but Abesheirer doesn't have that much playoff expeireince. I hate to say it but i knew they weren't cup bound this year but next year when Abby has some more Playoff expeirience he is going to play lioke the great Roy. count on it. Hey anybody think that if we don't have a season next year Forsberg will retire and go back to sweden to play like there has been so many rumors about the last couple of years. As for the wild i think gaborcik holding out was there biggest problem this year. he is a key player and by him holding out it took alot away from the fluidness of the team all season they just didn't gel like they did last year. Do i love hockey hell yea flew to Denver just to watch the AvS beat up Wings Feb 2003 Hejduk got a Hatrick it was great.
  6. well have you considered the Fronchi my buddy has one and it is a real nice gun for the money. it is light and it can shoot the heaviest loads and the lightest skeet loads. Pretty light gun too. Also how bout the X2 or the Xtrema both great guns
  7. I agree with just about everyone on here. because i have used 3 in and 3.5 but i feel that the 3.5 is a better choice. FOr one reason late season geese. It takes alot more to penetrate their feathers in december as it does in sept and october even if ther are with in exceptable range. 35 yards and under. I shoot both 3in and 3.5 through out the season but when it comes to the late seasno you have to go with the 3.5. both my friends are pretty equal in shooting ability but you could always tell who was shooting the 3 in he was out chasing a goose all over the field after the shooting was over.
  8. wallygators

    Left handed deer gun

    Hey i am looking for a left handed shot gun for my cousin to use. He has used my 870 for the last couple of years and has had problems with the safety not to mention shells hitting him in the face after he shoots. So i told him i would look for a lefthanded gun for him.
  9. wallygators

    Goose gun?

    I agree i think that having a 3 1/2 is better than lugging around the ten. This way you have one waterfowl gun to worrry about rather than two.
  10. wallygators

    Jumping Puppy?

    I had the same problem with my Golden but after a little disipline she won't even jimp up when people tell her too. What you have to do is everytime the dog jumps up on you just knee her in the chest. it doesnt have to be hard but after two or three times of this you shouldn't even be able to tell her to jump up.
  11. Here is the number one reason that they should not lower the duck limit. If our duck populations are so low then why did we have such a long season. I really don't care if they lower the duck limit but if they do then they need to start the season in october not sept like it was a couple years ago if they don't then what is the difference if the limit is 4 or 6 people are going to have more days to kill 3 birds a day. And number two thety should never outlaw the rotoduck because although they work they don't work *** goood as they did in the beginning
  12. hey icehawk All my friends and i Hunt out of the finisher and it is great but like all blinds has some down falls like the tension cables broke on both mine and my cousins last year but Avery sent us out new ones so they are good as new. Their major assert is the way they fold down.
  13. wallygators

    2003 aerial photos, you want some?

    Please send link to [email protected] Thanks in advance