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  1. 1/32 oz Lindy Slick Jig with an Impulse plastic tail. Gives off a rockin wobble thas turns em on!
  2. The song is sung by a group out of Wisconsin called Shad-rapp. Go to their HSOforum and order all 3 of their CDs, it was the best $ I've spent on somethin funny from the great outdoors. Other favorites are "I like big Bucks", and "hey, we want some crappie!"
  3. When did you buy it cause clam has a deal for a free cover on some shacks purchased recently. Go to their HSOforum for more info.
  4. I am finishing my house the same way with T&G on the walls, but with paneling on the ceiling. Cost for T&G was a little over $325, and the paneling for the ceiling was $60. The T&G is way more expensive, but it just makes for a more custom cabin look and feel. I just wish that I was as far as SapperAce is. I would post pics but I do't want to steal his thread. Great job on the fishhouse!
  5. Lake Benton in SW MN, one of our region's bigger lakes, is skimmed over tonite. Temp at 11 degrees and very little wind, clear skies, bright moon. Great nite for ice making!
  6. Pawn-it in Worthington has RRA new. I bought my S&W M&P15 there last year, great deals, great guy, think his name is Vance.
  7. The ducks are definitely in SD. Check out this http://www.dakotaangler.com/forum/index.php?topic=5710.345 The latest post (the long version) was given by a good friend of mine. I'm a little jealous cause the ducks certainly aren't in SW MN right now.
  8. Because in SE ND and NE SD, there are thousands of NATURAL potholes, in addition to flooded cornfields that are flooded to the corn ear level. The ears are picked clean because of the easy feeding opportunities. Ducks can sense this from miles away where the food and habitat are at. It will take a severe cold front to push northern migrants through MN. Almost all of our wetlands in SW MN are restored or recreated wich is better than nothing, but the majority of the ducks want natural habitat. And with commodity prices rising, and the loss of CRP in the Dakotas, draining wetlands and turning them into cropland is trending to the west, so this may be the glory days for our western neighbors. The future of waterfowl may not be so bright, even in the Dakotas. So please support our DU and Delta organizations to save the prairie pothole region.
  9. Kevin, eating smallmouth bass should be outlawed. I would try upgrading your taste buds to liking a more desirable fish to eat like walleye. If you get really hungry for fish try bullheads, not smallies.
  10. It's that time of year again!!! We wanted to let everyone know, we have a HSOforum now. You can download an entry form and view last year's weigh-in results. Many other details including sponsors and raffle can be viewed here. However, it is not completely up to date as we are just in the process of getting things going. Keep checking back!! The site is: http://www.lakeshetekwalleyetournament.org 2008 results will be posted shortly after the tournament. We hope to see you there on May 17, 2008. Lake Shetek Walleye Tournament
  11. Hey vexilar man, I'm not ripping on your great day, just curious how four guys are legal to shoot 28 ducks. 24 would be an awesome number but 28 sounds a little naughty We ended up with 20 birds between 4 guys and one kid. Full mix of mallards, teal, wood ducks, gadwall. Good luck to all.
  12. Yeh, its a great summer lake. I always start out with a jig-minnow combo under a slip bobber around any of the islands in the central areas of the lake near any trees in the water.
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