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  1. First of all you need to get the facts right! The law says .23 so a .22 rim fire would not be a legal gun.
  2. Hey perch pounder I am also from rushmore I am a Hieronimus now living near the cities. I would love to beable to come down and shoot some of those white geese, we don't get them around here. If interested e-mail me at ([email protected]) Thanks Scott.
  3. Well I banned it years ago and think it is a very good idea. It has made me a more patient hunter and a far better shot!
  4. wow no one hunts in minnesota for snows, just thought that someone would like some company sometime guess i was wrong!
  5. just wondering if someone would be interested in letting me tag along sometime, i have family down by the worthington area but have no snow decoys and would like to try it sometime. thanks.
  6. i also live in belleplaine. you can find some ducks around that area, but alot more geese. we should hook up sometime if interested. 612-201-1459
  7. was wondering if anyone knows when they open up the goose refuge for pheasant hunting?
  8. If interested in going bird hunting i would be more than happy to take you! either waterfoul or pheasant. i'm in the south west metro.
  9. nice deer!!!!!!!!!!!!! i'll take a stab at 205 5/8 hope i get another shot at the one i missed last year up north. great job and a really nice deer. pheasant!
  10. sorry i thought you would look up the club on the net. it's out behind prior lake . ithink from 35 it's 70 their is a big truk stop on the right side going north and a bar and movie place on the left side.
  11. the horse and hunt club on co. rd. 8 has them i think they are aroumd 3.00 but not for sure.
  12. who ever called last night on my cell please give me a call again i lost your number, i am interested in going this weekend sometime. call me!
  13. no one interested, i think i will go out this weekend really can't beat the price to get out again. try my cell if interested 612-201-1459.
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