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  1. Cheers

    Ernie Help

    I just realized that I ordered Lil Ernie's instead or regular Ernie's for my fall muskie trolling. My concern is that they are too small . Any comments or thoughts ?
  2. Cheers

    Extra Gas ?

    I was told by an officer that they will allow what the officer deems to be a reasonable amount for the trip. That was 3 years ago . Sounds like it is a discretion call on there part as apposed to a fixed amount .
  3. Cheers

    Bird id help.

    tree creeper ?
  4. Cheers

    Engel orFrabill Aqua Life

    Looking to buy a bait cooler . I have been reading lots of comments about Engel but none on Frabill Aqua life . Is there a preference for one over the other ?
  5. Cheers

    Snowy Owl in the Metro

    Winnipeg news paper artical today claims that reports of sightings and incidents with snow owls is way up this year . It says that mostly the owls are young and probably they moved south due to competition from more experienced older owls up North . The population of lemmings is normal this year but the population of owls is higher than normal . On a side note the local bird population ( chickadees, siskens .red polls.grosbeaks and such ) is almost non existent this year around Rainy Lake
  6. Nothing all season on Rainy Lake except geese and early season/local wood ducks . Worst year ever by far and for no obvious reason that I have seen or heard . Rice crop was good and weather was reasonable other than an early winter start .
  7. Cheers

    Ice Scratchers

    not sure about he cable type yet, as I have not needed to use them but I did have two sets of the spring type and wore them out . The spring type worked well. I couldn't get the spring type locally last year when I thought I may need them so got the cable ones instead , but it turn out I didn't need to use them .
  8. Cheers

    Bird Feeding Newcomer

    pictures please ?
  9. Cheers

    Leaking oil

    Could be dripping from oil reservoir under hood . I have an optimal that will leak if oil cap is loose but that causes an alarm to sound when starting
  10. Cheers

    Guide Daze

    Thank You for the very interesting and enjoyable morning read
  11. try a product called CLR cleaner . The name is an abbreviation of the type of stains it removes (calcium ,lime ,rust )
  12. Cheers


    H.B. showed yesterday North of Inl. Falls, they are 2 days late!
  13. Cheers

    Painting pvc

    Tom is it the birds preference that they be white ?
  14. Cheers

    Concrete overpour and radiant heating?

    So are you saying what happened to me did not happen ? We not talking about a 4 inch concrete slab , it is a thin layer of gyp crete that covers the pex , it has the consistency of water when poured and sets up fast, it is self leveling and any movement in the pex shows up and cant be undone . Yes if it was fastened continuously it could not move but that would be ridiculous . As so this discussion !