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  1. News today is reporting that both sides agree that the Canada U.S. border will remain closed past the June 21 deadline although nothing has yet been signed by officials
  2. Canadian news today says the boder is to remain closed for another 30 days
  3. My boiler needed to be on a platform a few feet up off the ground in order to meet code in my garage.
  4. I am thinking about putting a salt shield on my trailer, just the straight ones not v front. They are only about 25 inches tall. Is that high enough? Thanks
  5. Cheers

    Bird Id

    Thanks that's it !
  6. Cheers

    Bird Id

    Can you please help ID this bird ? It hit the window yesterday. I was very surprised to see the red under the wings. I have looked in thee bird books and online but cant come up with a name . thunderbird.exe
  7. if you have gone through a set of carbides in 1000 miles you definitely need to change them now as you are getting a lot of wear
  8. I just realized that I ordered Lil Ernie's instead or regular Ernie's for my fall muskie trolling. My concern is that they are too small ? . Any comments or thoughts ?
  9. I was told by an officer that they will allow what the officer deems to be a reasonable amount for the trip. That was 3 years ago . Sounds like it is a discretion call on there part as apposed to a fixed amount .
  10. Boat is rated for 125 , unfortunately the 115 is the closest choice without going over and voiding warranty and possible liability issues . Boat is factory rigged with merc and I have a time deadline to get the boat before July 1 trade tariffs come in affect , after witch the cost will significantly increase and kill the sale . I will have to stay with merc and not look back . I do have a Suzuki 70 on another boat and I agree Suzuki does make a great motor
  11. Looking at Merc or Suzuki 4 stroke 115 hp to put on Lund Impact 1775. Any recommendations on brand would be appreciated. Thanks
  12. Looking to buy a bait cooler . I have been reading lots of comments about Engel but none on Frabill Aqua life . Is there a preference for one over the other ?
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