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  1. Thanks Got one on order
  2. I am thinking about putting a salt shield on my trailer, just the straight ones not v front. They are only about 25 inches tall. Is that high enough? Thanks
  3. Cheers

    Bird Id

    Thanks that's it !
  4. Cheers

    Bird Id

    Can you please help ID this bird ? It hit the window yesterday. I was very surprised to see the red under the wings. I have looked in thee bird books and online but cant come up with a name . thunderbird.exe
  5. if you have gone through a set of carbides in 1000 miles you definitely need to change them now as you are getting a lot of wear
  6. I just realized that I ordered Lil Ernie's instead or regular Ernie's for my fall muskie trolling. My concern is that they are too small . Any comments or thoughts ?
  7. I was told by an officer that they will allow what the officer deems to be a reasonable amount for the trip. That was 3 years ago . Sounds like it is a discretion call on there part as apposed to a fixed amount .
  8. Looking to buy a bait cooler . I have been reading lots of comments about Engel but none on Frabill Aqua life . Is there a preference for one over the other ?
  9. Winnipeg news paper artical today claims that reports of sightings and incidents with snow owls is way up this year . It says that mostly the owls are young and probably they moved south due to competition from more experienced older owls up North . The population of lemmings is normal this year but the population of owls is higher than normal . On a side note the local bird population ( chickadees, siskens .red polls.grosbeaks and such ) is almost non existent this year around Rainy Lake
  10. Nothing all season on Rainy Lake except geese and early season/local wood ducks . Worst year ever by far and for no obvious reason that I have seen or heard . Rice crop was good and weather was reasonable other than an early winter start .
  11. not sure about he cable type yet, as I have not needed to use them but I did have two sets of the spring type and wore them out . The spring type worked well. I couldn't get the spring type locally last year when I thought I may need them so got the cable ones instead , but it turn out I didn't need to use them .
  12. Cheers

    Leaking oil

    Could be dripping from oil reservoir under hood . I have an optimal that will leak if oil cap is loose but that causes an alarm to sound when starting
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