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  1. How many of you guys that were ducking this weekend heard rooster pheasants around? I heard one each day, not looking good for upland hunting. Guess I'll get to spend more time in the sloughs and woods.
  2. Best opener in years. My dad and I shot 7 green and blue wing teal and one hen woody on Sat. 3 blue wing teal and one hen woody on Sun. Had a great time. I shot more ducks in first half hour on Sat than I did all of last year. Two year old lab continues to show promise. Crappy part now is that we have to wait a week to hunt again.
  3. swany25

    Fog----Good or Bad

    Nothing better though when you can hear the whistling wings before you can see them, and then they are in your face.
  4. Mornings are the best. If you can get out, go for it. Be safe and have a great time!
  5. swany25

    2011 Archery Log

    Evening hunt started off good, watched a doe and three fawns walking all around me afor about 45min and then bedded down 15 yards from me strait down wind. About 15 mins later a big bodied tall tined spike walked under my stand and presented a shot at 24 yards. i debated about the shot for several mins. I decided that since I did not even have a chance at a deer last year and I've only shot one with a bow ever, I would take this opportunity. He was quatering away and gave me a nice shot, Thwaaaack he took off running. Brush was so thick it was tuff to see him running away. I waited about 1/2 hr and got down and could not find arrow or blood I looked with help for over an hour, Nothing I had no doubt about the shot and I was unussually calm. I just hope it was a clear miss and the arrow sailed.
  6. I have a few of his calls (really like them) and have spoken to him at Game Fair seamed like a decent guy (deffinatly cocky). But if the charges are true, I will never buy another one of his products!
  7. Late season hunting does not hurt the birds anymore than early season hunting. Whats the differance if you or your dog flush them or they fly between food and roosting areas. One rooster can service several hens and with less roosters there is more food for the hens to survive on. I don't a;ways agree with the DNR's bag limits but one thing Ill say abouth them is that they are very conservative. If they thought that hunting was hard on the birds late season they would end it earlier and/or would definitely not have a 3 bird limit during december.
  8. I was able to get out the last 1 1/2 of the day with my 12yo and 1yr old labs. 5 birds were flushed, pup flushed his first rooster and that one was shot. The pup also turned hard and flushed another bird, but it was after shooting hours. Had a great time.
  9. swany25

    Bow stand log

    Went out last night after work at 5pm. Saw a nice doe and too many tree rats. I'm hunting in a lottery zone and didn't want to tag out with a doe quite yet. Beautiful night though. Hoping to get out tonight after work. Got my wife interested and set up for bowhunting spring year and plan on getting her out for the first time on Wednesday, can't wait.
  10. swany25

    Is anyone else...

    I shot my first deer with a bow this year. I've alway been and still rifle hunt. But nothing much better than that up close encounter with a deer and taking it with a bow. But I realized that the thing I enjoy best about rifle hunting is Deeer Camp. Family, friends, sharing stories, giving each other a hard time for missing (usually me), tracking deer.
  11. swany25

    Ground Blinds

    I have had one for a few years and have not hunted out of it much. But I do like it very comfortable. Where I think it would be real handy is for the wife and kids, video the hunt (warm, dry, and movement). I really enjoy being in a tree because the range of view.
  12. With all this rain and wind it should be fine. Just look the water over and you will definatley be able to tell if the algae is present. Good luck!
  13. Good luck all, be safe. I'm working till 0500 this am and headed straight for duck camp, yes sleep is overated! Headed to a place that I havent hunted since I was 12 (19 years ago). It was the first place I hunted ducks. Now were bringing my 12 year old nephew on his first regular season duck hunt. Should be a blast!
  14. swany25

    Spring Archery

    What are the season dates?
  15. Hey all, It's going to be below zero all week and I still have not harvested a deer this year. My questions is, when will deer move in this below zero weather. I'm willing to sit until i cant stand the cold, but would it be a waste of time. I recently set up a stand along a heavely used trail between bedding area and a bean field. Thanks Chris