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  1. nsnutter

    What are some good dip baits to use?

    I find that Doc's catfish worms dipped in Ol' West Dippin' Sauce gets the big boys on the hook. Sometimes a rattle lizard tipped with Double Luck.
  2. nsnutter

    What's your catfish setup?

    I have owned several king kats as well ... They're pretty decent sticks. The ugly stick catfish rod is a decent choice as well, will handle flats, channels, and sturgeon. Both would be okay as entry level rods paired well with an okuma avenger or epixor baitfeeder, or larger baitcaster such as an Abu 7000 or the like. Don't skimp on the reel, but if you're on a very tight budget, okuma makes a decent level wind called the classic xl300 that can get the job done for around $40 bucks.
  3. nsnutter

    Killing record fish

    If I caught a state record fish, I'd throw it on the scales, get it certified, then get it mounted.
  4. nsnutter

    Catfish Ice Out

    Rumor has it they're biting on shad ..... And ringworms good luck. They're biting light, and almost exclusively and decisively after dark. The itch got too bad to handle a week or so ago. Go scratch yours ... Let us know how you do.
  5. nsnutter

    new wording on chumming in '13 regs

    I hate it when I go carp fishing and accidentally drop corn in near my boat. It's very frustrating.
  6. nsnutter


    X2. Been wondering the same thing.
  7. nsnutter

    Clam XL 4000T Hub house

    Tip of the hat to Clam for rectifying a problem and taking the time to explain the issue. My buddy is pleased with the customer service he received from Clam, and last night I fished in a "real" 4000t for the first time. HUGE difference!! Zippers worked great because the house wasn't warped from the material being too tight, and a noticeable size difference. Good for you Clam, now introduce a floating ice suit, and there won't be a reason to shop any other brand
  8. nsnutter

    Clam XL 4000T Hub house

    My buddy got his replacement sent to him overnight. Good turnaround from Clam. Kind of weak that it happened in the place.
  9. nsnutter

    18" Rainbow and 12lb Pike

    Yeah, Darren's videos are fun to watch. I've been wanting to find a camera for that purpose (catfishin videos) for a while, but its tricky to ind something somewhat inexpensive with a light. I'd hate to spend several hundo on something and have it get banged around in a river boat full of catfish slime lol.
  10. nsnutter

    18" Rainbow and 12lb Pike

    Nice video ... Thanks for sharing! Gotta get me a go-pro.
  11. nsnutter

    Sturgeon Spearing.

    I'd try it. Looks like a blast. WDNR seems to know what they're doing.
  12. nsnutter

    3 year old catching his first fish through the ice!

    I can't WAIT to get my nephew out on some fish ... He's only 1 now, so I have to wait a little longer. Awesome video, made me smile like crazy. Tip of the hat to you for helping pass on our passion to the next generation!!
  13. x2! Crappie fishing with a foam bobber is about as simple as it gets ... Definitely a learning curve, but the more time you spend at it, the more you'll be able to read that bobber! Cool topic!
  14. nsnutter

    closing flathead season?

    Good post Brian. Thanks for sharing