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  1. I am getting tired of having a sore left shoulder all the time. I have heard the new steering assist on the larger tiller motors works great. Does anyone know what they are getting installed on their motors and how much it's costing? I'm running an 18 foot lund explorer with a 90 Yamaha tiller and in cross winds with three or four people in the boat, it's a load. Thanks in advance for any replies or comments...
  2. I just talked to a buddy who works at Lunds, he said that they are just swamped with work right now. Another thing he said was that they are setting up the Crestliner line right now, so they are making room for an extra 40 people who will be welding up the Crestliner hulls. The rigging shop is out back of the main building and only holds 2 boats at a time, so it's no shock that your boat isn't coming pre-rigged, although the dealers like to do their own, so they can charge you more for it. Lastly, if you're ever in the area, you should give them a call and do the tour. You will appreciate the craftsmanship that goes into your boat a lot more after doing the tour.
  3. The wife just gave away my perfectly functioning grill to the in-laws. So now I get to buy myself a new grill. The question is: "What would you get for yourself assuming you like the convenience of gas, but still like to throw a couple racks of ribs on for a slow smoke?".
  4. Just got the boat out of storage, put the rebuilt prop on and am going to run to the store for oil and filter. Please remind me again which amsoil to use in my 4s 90 Yamaha... thanks tc
  5. Very nice Mike, every bit as good as you said they were. I'll have to get out later today and check if the local otter has been out and about. Nice pix eelpout
  6. I get to leave the ice and cold for my nieces wedding the week of Easter, going to Marathon Florida for the wedding. I will be there almost a week and figure to be really sunburned after about 2 days, so... I've heard that it's a fantastic spot to be if you are a fisherman, which I am. Anyone have any suggestions as far as to fish the backwaters or the open ocean and who are the best guides/charter captains down there. thanks in advance eelpout
  7. A quick post to let you know of another follower of the goings on at Lake Iwanttobethere. My 85 year old mother has the cabin just east of Ottertail Point that has the two white martin houses. I try to spend as much time at the "lake" as I can, and my life goal is to personally meet each and every gamefish in the "lake". Keep up the good work and maybe someday we'll meet and enjoy a cold one together (or better yet with Mindy or Mandy or Mindy and Mandy). Life at the lake, it just doesn't get any better!! eelpout
  8. Hey, I love that idea. Not only will it keep the ants out but I can't wait to see the squirrels try to climb the pole. Should be very entertaining. thanks for the idea tc
  9. thanks matt...have to try it. those fat old ants won't have a chance. tc
  10. I am fairly new to the bird feeder thing, but finally broke down and bought some various bird feeders for the yard. I know it takes a while for the birds to "find" them. I was pleasantly surprised when the hummingbird feeder level started dropping this week. I tried to keep an eye out to see the little buggers, but didn't catch sight of one. This morning it was empty. Went out to check it out and it was covered by carpenter ants. Well I don't mind feeding the tweeties, but the ants can fend for themselves. Anyone know of any tricks to keep the ants out of the hummer feeder? thanks in advance tc
  11. I remember seeing something on this site last year about DUI and entering Canada. If I remember right the Canadians consider DUI a felony and felons are bared from entering Canada. Has this changed and/or is there a expiration time or a way to get this priviledge back. A buddy of mine has two young boys who are getting to be the right age to take on a Canadian fishing trip, but he has a DUI about 2 years ago. The DUI already has cost him his marriage. Anyway I told him that I would pose the question and see if anyone has any new info. thanks tc
  12. I use an old duck decoy which the dog chewed on the head a bit, painted it white with 30 feet of cord and an old engine part/bearing/whatever tied on the end. Boats just whiz on by and I fish alot on Ottertail, where its just plain stupid to use a real marker. fish on tc
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