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  1. Yeah it would help to be more descriptive. Looking for a lake in northern MN that we can troll for Pike, fish for some walleye, and maybe have the opportunity for a muskie. We have a cabin in Pequot, so we would like to go a little more north and be a little more secluded and have the opportunity for some bigger fish.
  2. I am planning on taking my dad on a mini retirement trip to do some fishing. Looking for suggestions of areas for multi-species fishing. Looking to get away from the crowds as well. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey everyone! My brother and I are looking to take our dad on a retirement trip to do some fishing and shooting. Looking for advice for some ideas out here. Trips or guides or lodges. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  4. I just got back from up there on Sunday. Fished pretty hard one day with a guide. Saw 4 fish one HUGE pig! I will say double dawgs in Walleye color is what we were working. There was a non-existent walleye bite up there.
  5. http://www.minneapolisparks.org/default.asp?PageID=52&prid=1799
  6. This is total BullS$%t!!! Who would we talk to in order to find out more information?
  7. I am looking for a couple Lund boat seats. I am looking for at least one or two Lund boat seats for my 2004 Lund Explorer.
  8. Nice fish! It was great meeting you guys on Saturday!
  9. Fishing was great up there this weekend!
  10. Anyone have any good references for local Twin Cities winter storage? I would like them to do the winterizing as well. Thanks, JP
  11. Any recommendations on a boat cover for a 1675 Lund Explorer? I want a cover for the winter
  12. Thanks guys! Great ideas! Another question I had is the "no hassle" food plan. Did that seem like enough food to cover the week? It seems like a lot but you never know. Last question....we are staying I-Falls the Friday before and then getting up and driving to the plane. Was it a big hassle to get booze at the boarder? Thank you so much everyone!! JP
  13. Hey guys! I am heading up to Lake Tessup on a Fly-in through Northern Wilderness Outfitters and wanted to see if anyone had an helpful information to make my best friends bachalor party unbeilivable. I cannot find any topo maps so any help would greatly be appreicated!
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