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  1. The question still stands. If only part of the area on the body of water is in the WMA the other is not, is all the water open to spinning wind decoys or not? Hope someone can figure this one out. Know of a few areas where some private land butts up to the water on waterfowl prduction areas. I know most people say if not sure don't risk it.
  2. Are these legal to be used in waterfowl prodution areas? I know you can't use them in wildlife man. areas. A grey area in the law ---can you use them if not all the water is in the wildlife man area and some private land. Or is all the water off limits?
  3. I was in the same boat as you, which one to buy. Picked up a 1700 explorer with a 115yamaha. Love the boat. If you purchase the 1800 go with the 25 in transom and a 150 four stroke yamaha you will love it. hope it helps just don't under power the 1800.it's rated for a 150 I think.
  4. Not only to give the ducks a fighting chance but to try too keep the duck hunters from shooting each other early in the morning...just a joke....If they opened it at sunrise on opening day the number of ducks that would be killed would be alot....and the people down south would get [PoorWordUsage]ed...
  5. Another good thing is to try to walk or push birds to a point where they have to flush, plowed field,pasture, or a road. Birds will just keep running in front..all the way across a section if they have too... just a thought.
  6. My son had his moments...Not too many ducks around the Sherburne Wildlife Refuge. Only saw 3 other trucks in the parking area. Might have to move west for the opener..
  7. Hunted the weekend in the Sherburne NWR sorry to say not to many ducks around when the sky busters are out in full force. Some of them just don't get it. I try to teach my kids to wait to make good clean shots and some dummies start blazing from along way off. They shout we thought you didn't see them. Go figure. Now I know why I take them out for the youth day. Kids did bag a few ducks. With the pressure this place gets the ducks don't hang around long.
  8. I have taken my son out for the last 4 years for the youth hunt it has been great. Nothing better than watching your son or daughter bang away at some real close shots. They learn early to wait for the birds to come in close and not sky bust. He started out his first years getting only a few ducks but this year being his last, he did get 4 mallards, 2woodducks and also his first goose. Boy is he hooked for life. Now his brother who is 11 can't wait for his turn next year. "Mom won't let him hunt till firearm Cert. is in his hand." He's hooked too just being able to go with and watch.... I just hope they keep the youth day around for a long time. Just thought I would drop in my two cents worth.. The youth are hopefully our future to being able to hunt and fish for years to come.
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