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  1. Worst buy I ever bought. I sold it the next week. I like 13 products but not this line of products
  2. I have the Clam legend xl thermal I love it. Light enough to move no back aches nice seat good choice sir.
  3. Any one have one how do you like it just got one. Thanks
  4. Hi I really like the ice shows on Across the ice belt is there any more episodes past 6. Getting antsy I guess. Keep up the good work really like the shows.
  5. Thanks for the heads up I will look into the Sienna. thanks guys
  6. Hi a while back a bunch of us listed what we all had for ice fishing. Houses, lures, augers etc. how do I find this I cant find it under search?
  7. Do they still make tica reels I can't find them any more at the local bait store. Still worth getting or is there something better?
  8. I bought the Honda Strikelite last year very light . I hole hop also Love it just start it right away let it idle 2-3 minutes ready to rock and roll. Hope this helps. I have had many Eskimos nice augers but very heavy that's why I switched.
  9. Ok my question is how do you get the line down the hole. Do you just strip it off like a fly line or am I missing something? stripping line off sounds like a big mess to me but I like the Idea of less lure spin Thanks
  10. I got the Infisherman ice guide but I called the other Magazine page. they said they didn't make a ice guide this year? unless I got the wrong place I hope I'm wrong. I really liked that one better. Anyone Know.
  11. Hi I have 2 marcum vx 1 pro's want to get fl 18 or fl 12 worth the money or no? is the fl 12 a split screen having a hard time figuring it all out on there sites. thank you
  12. Hi I see Vexilar has the digital readout you can buy for your Vex. Does Marcum have this?
  13. Hi guys I bought a few of these. I have yet to get a fish on them they look good any body else have good luck with them?
  14. I feel your pain I had the same problem. I too put it in the back. My wife pinched the cable and ruined mine. Personally I would leave it in the back.
  15. Same here also the new shadow raps have actually filled with water and are junk.
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