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  1. Scudly

    Brook Trout Mount

    I think Marc Charles at Second Nature Taxidermy does a good job. Found him from a post of a guy on another board and liked his work. Marc is based off of Green Bay. I just shipped to him. A fish of a lifetime, why not?
  2. Scudly

    Belle Creek

    Quote:When I fished Belle Creek I caught 2 northerns, a crappie, 3 smallmouth, and a bunch of bluegills. I'm guessing they displace the chubs thru direct (predation) and indirect (same food/habitat) competition Fishing the lower end I assume? Below the first road bridge? I've caught smallies, white sucker, big browns, and the occasional chub.
  3. Scudly

    Great Kype

    I played hookey today. With the nice cool weather I just could not resist. Nice and cool and a little bit of rain and overcast this morning. A perfect day to fish. I met up with buddy Jon at 6am this morning. We walked a field downstream to the best parts and fished our way up to our cars. It looks like somebody just fished it as there was a visible fresh trail and matted grass in spots where I typically catch fish. Worms and a split (or even without a split) kept getting hung up on weeds. The creek was low and clear and the fish were not cooperating. I switched to spinners and caught one dink. Jon finally caught a 15" brown on a crawler at a long run. We saw the fish dart out and smash it. Jon had a doctor's appointment to head to so we parted ways. I just could not come home without catching a big fish I guess. I pressed on. I fished a private driveway that has a really big pool on the downstream end. Nobody home there but upstream the crick gets narrow and deep and grassy. Two corners up I saw a nice cut bank. Slow current sweeping into the right side bank scouring it out. Logs at the back end. First cast in with a #9 black and gold I saw a big old rusty brown come out and smash it. Game on! As I jumped into the crick I found myself in silt up to my hips. I felt paralyzed and was worried the fish would go downstream into the logs. I frantically crawled out on my knees even using the butt of my net to as leverage to get me off the bottom and into the center of the channel where I eventually found solid bottom. Barely hooked and missed twice by my net, the third time I swept him in! Beautiful rusty colors. Great looking gnarly kyped jaw. A pig 22." If that was not enough I pressed on for another half hour and got this 18" male. Again nice and rusty. Persistence paid off. I thought about heading home when Jon did. Honestly would have kept fishing with me if he did not have a doctor appointment. Cleaned up and a two hour nap and lunch and a motorcycle ride with a few Stella's this afternoon. A fantastic Friday!
  4. Scudly

    Belle Creek

    Quote:I don't know about you.. But I personally use 20# PowerPro and bring my pike net for when I'm fishing chubs.. Do you have a good chub recipe? I don't know many that fish for chubs except for the use of bait. That said there are not many chubs in Belle anyway. Plenty of white suckers though. Maybe you like to pickle them?
  5. Scudly

    A New Personal Best Brown Trout

    Quote:What is your secret? Worms and #9 Panther Martin spinners. Up to 31 trout over 20" this year including the 25" above, a 25" male, and 4 x 23"s
  6. Scudly

    Colorful Brown

    Kirk and I went to that new stream again. Once again Johnson Creek did not disappoint. First off Kirk saw me catch that 25 and numerous others on worms on Sunday so he gave it a go. One giant white sucker after another. I told him he earned the title "Sucker King. Many suckers were perfect size for muskie bait. Also some people swear they are good smoked. I cannot get myself to try one. Kirk did however catch a few browns. A decent one was plucked right out in front of him dragging into a cut bank with a log jam. Water was very clear and I could see structure from a long distance. My instinct told me long bombs would be the way to go. Kirk notice I switch to spinner and told me exactly where to cast. The minute my spinner hit the water the fish crushed it. I thought it looked like a 17-18" from a distance. The fish ran right at me so I reeled like mad and did not feel the weight. Then I got out my net and decided he was not going to give up easily. A 21.5" male. Extraordinary fall colors. Other average sized trout were caught but that was the only big. On a sad note we found a dead trout believed to be one I caught on a previous trip. The fish from all we could tell was in good condition when released but apparently not. Just because they swim away doesn't mean they will always live is the lesson here. I always practice c&r on all browns unless I know the fish is mortally injured. BTW, don't pick up a dead trout. It really smells bad...
  7. Scudly

    A New Personal Best Brown Trout

    Spinning rod. Just a cheapo medium light 6'6" Berkley I picked up at Walmart. That along with a Pflueger 2500 series, 10 lb Power Pro braided, a #8 Eagle Claw standard J hook and a decent sized split shot. I use a Frabil net that is 25" deep. It was the net on my dad's boat we use for big pike etc. Made out of aluminum I just cut the handle shorter so I can hang on my back. More the sized of steelhead. I see a lot of guys using these nets that are so small and shallow the fish can easily flip out. A big net helps especially containing the fish in the water while I get my camera ready.
  8. Scudly

    Snap Swivels

    I have lost big browns on snap swivels and therefore don't use them. Bigger ones might not break but I don't see the point. It only takes 30 seconds to re-tie.
  9. Scudly

    A New Personal Best Brown Trout

    Buddy Shatner was there to witness this monster. Usual spot. I hollered at Shatner yelling that I snagged another fish. Told him it was that same 21 I've caught several times. Shatner made his way over and we finally got a glimpse of the fish. Looked like a giant carp in the water. To my surprise it was NOT the usual 21" brown. Ended up being a fat 25" female. Hooked on a worm. With the recent rain I figured it would be a good idea.
  10. Scudly

    Len Fishing With Buddies Thread

    It's awesome. My favorite CRA photo. Thanks for posting again and great catch dood!
  11. Scudly

    Casting Small lures

    You want something like a 6:1 gear ratio. The smaller reels don't cut it when fishing your way upstream. I remember reeling like mad. Before you dump your Power Pro buy some 1/4 and 3/8 oz PMs or equivalent. With the extra weight you should have no problem casting farther. A whippy 6' rod will send a PM flying! I remember having to add split shot to 1/32 (00) PMs when I started. Those have all been given away to kids at campgrounds. With a 3/8 oz spinner not only can you cast far they drop like a rock and stay down deeper where the trout are more likely to be. Good luck.
  12. Scudly

    Len Fishing With Buddies Thread

    CRA can you post that big drum you caught on your PK with the fly rod? I like that one. You are the only guy I know who fly fishes with spoons but heck I think you are on to something.
  13. Scudly

    Casting Small lures

    Tiger blood I used to think exactly like you. I used to muscle them out an used a medium action G Loomis probably best suited for big pike and lost more fish. If you know a certain area has a hang up like log jam you can adjust your drag initially to get fish away then loosen when you can afford to. Also I've learned to stay out of the water as much as possible. If the fish does get hung up in a cut bank then ease into the water and slowly approach. Otherwise a fast approach where hung up the fish is going to freak out and twist and turn with a better chance of throwing the hook.
  14. Scudly

    Casting Small lures

    I used to think backbone needed. I prefer a ultralight 6' these days. 10 lb Power Pro and set the drag fairly light. You are right browns do a lot of head shakes. Also they are often barely hooked so I don't try and horse them in. Let the drag do the work. The ultralight absorbs the shock. Only thing I'll say is 3/8 oz works great but I like a stiffer rod for 1/2 oz or anything bigger.
  15. Scudly

    Casting Small lures

    I started out fly fishing so when I dabbled with spin fishing I bought 1/32 oz (00) Panther Martins. Then Len showed me 1/4 oz (#6s). Now I only use 1/4 oz for brook trout. Go for #6 and #9 PMs or #15. My personal best 24" brown hanging on my wall caught with a #15.