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  1. JBLAIR08

    Minnesota Metro Muskie reports?

    my buddy caught a 49.5 and had one follow on Tonka tonight in 3 hrs of fishing...caught the ski on a black bucktail w. orange blade
  2. JBLAIR08

    Other Fish Caught While Muskie Fishing

    caught a few nice size largemouth on the Jr Double Cowgirl right as the lure hit the water, probably reaction bites. My buddy caught a nice 21 inch smallie on the Mississippi up in St Cloud using a Showgirl
  3. JBLAIR08

    Shamineau in winter

    Just curious if anyone has ever ice fished muskies in Shamineau with any success?
  4. JBLAIR08

    new to fall muskies

    green and chartrouse* DCG
  5. JBLAIR08


    They wont be able to get these come from behind wins all season
  6. JBLAIR08

    Wheeler leaving Gophers

    He got a few assists in the Bruins last preseason game
  7. JBLAIR08

    Channels in a local pond

    One small south metro pond that i know of that is stocked with channels is Community Park Pond in Savage...friends and I just use Chicken Liver that you can buy at Cub or Rainbow and we let it sit on the bottom.....we also put some small split shot weights to keep it down and we use circle hooks....some decent sized channels in there and they put up a good fight...we mainly fished for them there in the spring
  8. JBLAIR08


    Or has anybody had luck with the shallow invader by Musky Innovations??
  9. JBLAIR08


    Anybody have any luck on the reef hawg twist?
  10. JBLAIR08


    went out on Sunday and the cowgirl proved itself a good lure...i was throwing the Jr DCG in the green and black color and had 5 follows....one in the low 40's two in the mid 40's...and one around 50-52 (deff. shoulda landed at least one but im a rookie and messed up @ the boat)....the fifth boiled up behind it about 20 ft from the boat so we didnt get a good look at her....my friend i was out on the lake with was throwing the Bull Dawg, Showgirl, and a Mepps bucktail and only had one follow in the low 40's class and had one on the mepps that shook the hook...The DCG clearly caught the fishes eye
  11. JBLAIR08

    Weekend reports

    Just curious what the best areas on the lake to fish are during late september to mid october when the temps cool off.....and also what the best lure presentations are