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  1. kevfish1


    I look forward to this hunt each and every year. I enjoy the hunt if I see no deer or 100 deer. If hunters walk under me I ask them how it is going sith s smile on my face. For me it has nothing to do about the points or the weight. To each his own I guess
  2. kevfish1


    When do the ripley lottery results come out online?
  3. kevfish1

    auger help

    I have a jiffy stealth 2 hp auger and can't find the high and low speed adjustment screws. Do I have to remove anything to get at them??
  4. kevfish1

    Holes Freezing Up Overnight

  5. kevfish1

    What's the best tip?

    Have to agree with monster man. Some people just set up and fish for hours in one place and complain that they are not biting. They put wheels and sleds under those houses for a reason
  6. I do not think that they are concearned about providing anyone with a quality deer hunt in ripley. The purpose of the hunt is to thin and keep the herd at a level that does not hinder the people that train there. This hunt is a way that they can do this. Camp Ripley is a training area first and foremost. Hence the Wed/Thurs. hunt.
  7. They being the dnr and ripley officials.
  8. kevfish1

    pheasants report

    Yep, I second what Herm said. Very poor pheasasnt numbers this year. Good year to do a little fall fishing.
  9. kevfish1

    Question about the camp Ripley hunt

    There is a one deer limit inside of camp ripley. You can either use your regular tag or use a bonus tag if you shoot a doe. There are separate rules for ripley and always has been. Now if you want to shoot a doe and use your regular tag on it, go ahead. I will be using a bonus tag. The past few years you could take 2 deer in there. They tightened it up to just one this year.
  10. kevfish1

    Question about the camp Ripley hunt

    "The bag limit for this year’s hunt is one, and bonus permits may be used to take antlerless deer". I dont think using a bonus tag is odd. I can go to Ripley and Harvest a doe and then go home and harvest a buck if I want. I supppos you could just use your regular tag on a doe but I like to hunt and will save my tag for a buck after I get home from Ripley. Unless I get a shot at the Big boy at Ripley. So not sure what would be odd about using a bonus tag there but to each his own I guess.
  11. kevfish1

    Question about the camp Ripley hunt

    i believe it is a bonus area and you can use a bonus tag on a doe.?
  12. kevfish1

    Rubber roof?

    One tip I could offer.... Dont try to save money on the glue. The cheap stuff is a pain to work with. Get the more expensive stuff. Menards has two brands. The more expensive stuff is way more easy to work with.
  13. kevfish1

    Team 7- Tominators

    Way to go Ghost! Not sure how this team stuff works but team Kevfish is gonna put the smack down on the gobblers next weekend.
  14. kevfish1


    Is there a forum for trading on this site?? I have a MinneKota 48 volt trolling motor that i would like to trade for a 12 volt.
  15. kevfish1

    Value of a Wheelhouse

    The value and what you can get for it are two different things. I would guess you have about 6500 into it. This is probably not a good time to sell. November and December are probably a better time. I would say you can maybe get 4500 for it if it is in good condition.