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  1. There is a video on the Clam HSOforum that shows you what to do. Just go to the clam HSOforum and click on the inline reel and the video is on that page. Was in the same boat you are and would not have figured it out without the video.
  2. I was worried about the moon phase but went out anyway last night and got my first buck ever at 5:45, he followed my trail directly to my tree (I sprayed my boots with doe pee). He was a young guy so probably not the smartest but would attest to deer moving. While waiting to track him I also saw three other deer moving between 6 and 6:30.
  3. Was in your situation two years ago. Drove a Chevy Cavalier and bought a Clam 2000. Fit nice with the back seat folded down and fairly light so it is easy to take in and out. The bigger Clams would be a good workout trying to get into and out of your trunk. I highly recommend the 2000.
  4. I have an Eskimo Shark that I bought two years ago. Starts 1st or 2nd pull every time and it is fast. I went with Eskimo because it was cheaper and had a primer. I have noticed that their prices have come up a bit in the last few years though, and not sure if they still put a primer on them. So that might nullify my reasons for getting one...
  5. Growing up my family had a cabin on a sweet bass lake and my favorite method of catching them was to use a buzz bait.
  6. I am going to try a new lake tomorrow. It has good numbers of crappies and walleyes. Both of which I would like to target. The lake has two spots that look like good structure. One is a 25 foot hole, and the other is a 5 foot reef. The lake is deepest at 25 feet. Which of these two spots should I fish for either crappies or walleyes. I am not going to be able to get out there until about 3 so it will be hard to fish both spots. Just looking for any imput, thanks.
  7. Well bought the strikemaster 2000 today and tested it out. It started right up and ran great, going out tomorrow morning. I also bought the clam 2000 today. I hope I can sleep tonight, I am excited to use my new toys.
  8. Thanks for your posts. I am going to go with the strikemaster. It seems that more people use them and not much is known about the new sharks. MAkes me a little nervous that they keep switching the engines.
  9. I am new to ice fishing and am going to buy an auger. I have tried to find as much info as possible and the eskimo shark looks good to me. I am curious though if anyone has had problems with the plastic that is covering the engine, etc. It seems pretty weak and could break. Also they made a lot of changes from last years model and I was wondering if anyone knows why (smaller engines,less rpms,different handle, and so on). To go along with that is there a noticeable difference between the 2.1 and the 1.75? I have also looked at the Strikemaster mag 2000, seems to be built better but only 1 blade and no primer (possibly harder to start?) Thanks for any info. I am starting to lose my mind!
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