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  1. dobiel

    Plastic Lizards

    I fish the Zoom lizards all the time, from pre-spawn to fall. They get a lot of looks when the worms and creature baits aren't producing as well. Only down fall is that they get hacked-up pretty easy.
  2. dobiel

    Dobyn's Rods?

    I fish Croix Avids, LTB and Elites, NRX, Cumaras, Exprides, and some of my favorite rods to fish are my Dobyns. They have great lengths, powers and actions that seem to fit my liking more than the others. My personal faves are their Champion cranking rods and the two Dobyns Extreme jig rods I own. Plus they're so comfortable for me since they still use the old Fuji ECS reel seats.
  3. dobiel

    Marine battery ?

    Fleet Farm(as well as Napa) batteries are all made by East Penn and are very good batteries for a great price.
  4. dobiel

    Ixtapa Mexico fishing charter recommendation

    We've fished with Alejandro Vargas 3 times and have always done well. His english is decent enough for basic conversation(may be better now it's been about 6 years since we fished with him). He's got good conventional gear and a nice super panga with a four stroke Yamaha on the transom. His family is filled with fishermen and his father Alfredo is one of the original "old salts" in Zihua. I highly recommend going down to the marina when you get down there and book with the guys face to face so you can see the boats, gear, and see how the bite is doing. Maybe show up at the marina between 2-3pm so you can see the boats come in and see who's flying the release flags. The going rate for chartering a super panga is around $220 for 8 hour day offshore. Good luck and have fun!
  5. dobiel

    Your favorite cranking reel rod combo?

    I'm really diggin' my new Dobyns Champion 765CB/Chronarch 200E5 setup for the deep crankers!
  6. dobiel

    Connecting knot

    In a pinch I'll tie a uni to uni but the most reliable knot I've used that goes through the guides the best is the FG knot. Tough to tie at first and takes about 10 minutes even when you're good at it but it's a very, VERY strong knot. The knot on my crankbait setup lasted the entire season. When I testing breaking 65lb Power Pro tied to 60lb Big Game for saltwater fishing I was unable to break the knot before either line or leader broke on every test. Albright never was very durable long term and should be retied often.
  7. dobiel

    Dock brands? *need input from cabin owners*

    I went up to V-Dock today to check out the decking and construction of their docks. I liked them a lot. My parents are up at the cabin now and are heading the Grand Rapids to price out a Floe this week as well as a few other makes. Thanks again for all the replies. Keep em coming.
  8. dobiel

    Dock brands? *need input from cabin owners*

    Thank you very much for the replies. We definitely want a maintenance free composite or aluminum decking. Right now they are looking closely at Vdocks in Forest Lake and I'm sure they're going to be pricing out a Floe as well as get pricing on a Hewitt, which they already have experience with at the family cabin. Main concern right now is a dock that offers decent depth adjustment and can be adjusted level without getting wet. I like the idea of an aluminum decking mostly because there are no gaps like most of the composite decks. Only drawback being they don't stay very clean, but you don't have to worry about dropping small items that can slip through the cracks. Anyways, gives us some more to think about. Dock will find it's new home in Longville, MN. Gods country and a fisherman's wet dream for angling opportunities!
  9. My parents just bought a cabin in northern MN. They are looking for a quality dock that is easy to put in and pull out and a good design for tying up our boats to during the summer when we're up there. Just wondering what cabin owners like about their docks. We have a Hewitt dock at out family cabin that has been pretty good but I was wondering if there isn't maybe something else out there that is better overall quality or design or maybe even more cost effective. I'd love to hear some opinions. Thanks
  10. dobiel

    Puero Vallarta Fishing?

    You guys should really contact Danny Gomez out of La Cruz. He's a phenomenal fisherman and world class panga captain with an excellent mate, maybe the best and most meticulous mate I've ever seen. We were down once again in December offshore and boated 8 Tunas ranging from 75-100 lbs, a Wahoo, a 35lb. Bull Dorado, and two Sailfish(had a third on but spit the hook). One of the best days offshore I've ever had! PV is just an amazing fishery offshore from Oct-Jan! He's got 20 years experience in the PV fishing grounds and has numerous super cow Tunas, grander Black Marlin and multiple 500lb+ Marlin in a single day under his belt and is considered one of the best live bait west coast style panga captains down there. He speaks perfect english and is a super great guy to talk with. All top notch Shimano Tiagra and Avet reels and Calstar rods. Guy is no joke and fishes harder than any captain I've fished with thus far in my life! Pretty much the first phone call I make now when planning a trip down there. Scott Dhamar Sportfishing Capt. Danny Gomez his personal cell# calling from the states is 011-521-322-111-4802
  11. dobiel

    Losing baits to Pike

    I use 30lb fluoro all the time and still get bit off. When you commit to a hellacious hookset there is not much under 50-60lb fluoro that won't get cut like a hot knife through butter. Lately I've just used straight braid and accepted the fact that there will be occasional bite offs.
  12. Just slaughtered the Pike in Isle Bay a few years ago on black spinnerbait with silver colorado blade...Bucher Slopmaster if I recall. Caught so many that I ended up pinching the barb down to make it easier for release.
  13. dobiel

    X-Rap's breaking off hooks

    They are great baits and I have quite a few in various colors and sizes but they are not always the most durable.
  14. dobiel

    Alumacraft Rod Storage

    I have an Alumacraft Navigator 175 and I utilize the port side storage with tubes for 5 of my rods and then I just stack my rods in the starboard locker and don't worry too much about it. When I have a ton of them in there when going on a trip I just use some rod socks so they don't get tangled so bad. The really nice thing is the starboard locker holds 8+ footers.
  15. dobiel

    St.croix legend tournament

    That new Long Ranger looks real nice! But throwing pounders and double tens all day is not something I prefer to do.