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  1. james_walleye

    Manziel Debate

    Lmit missed the part where captain said to this point he has been right. Yep to this point.....through 2 preseason games.....he has been right.
  2. james_walleye

    kystal flash in hair jigs?

    Anyone Ever Put Any Flash In Their HairJigs? I'm Trying It Out. Not Sure It Will Make Any Difference. Here Is A Color Combo I Like With A Little Flash.
  3. james_walleye

    your favorite crappie jig colors?

    Juice I'll Make A Few Of Those With Black Heads To.
  4. james_walleye

    your favorite crappie jig colors?

    I Hope so Moose. My Grand Father Who Introduced Me To Fishing Used These Small "Flu Flu" Type Jigs All The Time. Now That I Have Kids Who Like To Fish Its Time To Get Back To The Panfish More.
  5. james_walleye

    your favorite crappie jig colors?

    Well A Few Trial Jigs. These 1/32 Oz Are Harder To Tie With. And I Learned I Need To Put The Eye On AfterBaking The Jigs. When I Do Walleye Jigs For Fishing The Mississippi I Fish Them Very Aggressively So I Don't Put Eyes On The Jigs.....
  6. james_walleye

    your favorite crappie jig colors?

    Awesome....Thanks Guys I Got The Jig Heads Today So I'm Going To Get Some Painted Up And Tied Later Tonight. I'll Post Pics.
  7. james_walleye

    your favorite crappie jig colors?

    Awesome....Another Color I Don't Know If I Would Have Tied For Crappies
  8. james_walleye

    your favorite crappie jig colors?

    I Buy Some Unpainted Heads And I Powder Coat Them. I Don't Have Gold.....Its Closer To Yellow. This Is Why I Posted This.....That Is A Color Combo I Would Have Never Made.
  9. james_walleye

    your favorite crappie jig colors?

    So Juice.....Black Jighead With Both Red And Chartreuse On The Skirt? I'll Be Tying The Skirts With Bucktail. I Would Assume The Same Color Bucktail Wil Work Like A Tube.
  10. I've Tied Bucktail Jigs For Walleyes For Years And Decided I'm Going To Tie Up Some Smaller Flu Flu TypeJigs For Crappies. Just Looking For Ideas On Everyones Favorite Color Combos On Crappie Jigs.
  11. james_walleye

    jigging raps

    I've Always Been A Spoon Guy For Eyes Under The Ice. I Never Have Confidence In Raps But I Want To Try Them More. Just Looking For Tips For Once The Fish Is On The Vex. You Hold It Still? Move It At All?
  12. james_walleye

    shelter cover for towing behind a sled?

    I've Got A Frabill That's About 7 Years Old And I Want To Get A Cover For It. I Don't Remember The Model Name. It's A 2 MaN Flip Over With Swivel Seats. Is There A Generic Cover That Can Be Bought? just Looking For Options. Thanks.
  13. Hey I'm Hoping Someone Can Help Me. I Remember A Few Years Ago Seeing What Was EssentiAlly Big Oversize Slippers That You Would Wear Over Your Hunting Boots Say On An All Day Sit. Now I Can't Find Them And I'd Like To Get Some. Anyone Got Any Info?
  14. james_walleye

    Cassell starting Sunday