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  1. I shoot a Bowtech Guardian, 2007 vintage and would like to put a 'D' loop on my string, however my draw length is slightly too long when using my True-Fire release. I don't want to make it any longer. Does anyone know where I can find a CP3 module (28" draw) for my cams? Any help is greatly appreciated. Fish
  2. Just a quick report of the Second weekend of Deer hunting. Hunting zone 184, south of Blackduck and north of Bemidji, the action was ver slow. In years past, it has been a race to count the number of shots heard and see how long it takes to hit 100. Often times this occurs long before noon. Compare that to yesterday, I heard a total of 3 other shots, other than m own. I managed to shoot a decent 8 point buck. I was the first shot of the day. I heard 1 shot approximately 10 minutes after I shot at 8:00, then it wasn't until 2:45 that I heard shot number 2 and 3, back to back. I was the only one to see a deer out of 5 of us. On our trip home, we saw only 2 deer on the back of vehicles/trailers. Anyone hunt near us? What did you experience?
  3. Our group of 7 saw a total of 4 deer. We ended up harvesting 2 of the 4 deer. We hunt north of Bemidji but south of Blackduck, not far from Gull lake. The shots heard in the area were down significantly from years past. At times, I didn't hear any shooting for over 30 minutes at time. When I dropped off the deer for processing, just north of the twin cities, I asked about the harvest so far. They had received about 1/3 of their 'Normal' numbers. They heard of one group doing well and everyone else was average to Poor. What did you experience?
  4. How many of you hunt the Bemidji-Blackduck area? I have heard many conflicting reports about the deer numbers in the area. I'm curious what everyone is seeing for deer numbers?
  5. Just so your Clear, I lived in Bemidji at the time, So I gave my buck to my brother in Brainerd. He, in turn, brought it to a Taxidermist there. Since then, I have moved to Waconia, and my deer head is still in Brainerd, which is why I have called him and not stopped by. I will be going up there next weekend. I'll stop by then Fishfanatic
  6. Hi Everyone, I'm just curious if anyone has ever had to wait almost 3 years to get their whitetail mount back from a taxidermist? I called several times, seem like he pushes my name down the list every time I do it. He promised 1 year or less. I'm looking for your opinion, what would you do? Fishfanatic
  7. I'm heading to Colorado next Monday for the 4th rifle season. I have heard mixed reports on the elk hunting success. 2 groups of 5 didn't even see an animal. last report from my elk hunting partner, his neighbor just returned 2 days ago. They went 2 bulls for 3 guys. Does Anyone have any elk reports they would like to share? I will be about 1 hour south of Craig. Thanks Fishfanatic
  8. As a past resident of Bemidji, I used to see the numbers of deer go up and down. I've been gone almost 2 years, but I continue to hunt some state land just north of town. I was hoping a couple 'Locals' would chime in and let me know how the local deer herd is doing and what can be expected come opener. Thanks Phil
  9. Hi Summit I'm not exactly sure how to respond to just you, but my email address is [email protected] Thank you for responding to my post. My son is 13 and has missed more than I care to admit. Not because he cant shoot, but that he get so darn excited that his breathing sounds like something from a Sci-Fi movie. It reminds me of my first years hunting. It's way cool to see his excitement. He cant stop talking about it for weeks. Fishfanatic
  10. Im my effort to have my son shoot his first deer, we applied for the youth hunt in Itasca State Park... He drew his tag and we have a mandatory meeting to attend before the hunt. Question: Have any of you hunted the park and if so, any recommendations on where to start? We are not looking for a monster, just a chance to shoot a deer. Thank you for any input!
  11. Hi Everyone, I just wanted to share our success with everyone with our quick trip to Wyoming. This is my first attempt to post photos to this site, so please forgive me if it doesn't work the first time. We left Minneapolis at 4:00am Friday morning, Drove the entire day to reach Saratoga, Wy. We ended up pitching the tent in the truck headlights as we arrived just after sundown. Saturday morning, we awoke to 30 Deg temps and headed out. At 8:45 my First shot was true and we claimed our first prize. As we drove up the hill to retrieve it, we parked the truck in the two-tracks, just out of sight of the top of the hill. I sent my father and kids over the top of the hill on foot just in case. As I left to retrieve my Doe, My Son reaches the top of the hill and shoots a Doe free hand at 100 yards, (Maybe a touch less). It is now 9:00ish with 2 down and 2 to go. Heading back to camp, we drive a large circle, spotting several in a long, wide valley. To keep this short, this spot and stalk didn't pan out. As we started back to camp for a second time, my son spots a few off to the right. Again, we stop the truck as my daughter gets out and positioned for her shot. Shooting free hand, her mark was slightly off as she hit it in the back leg. It didn't go far before she anchored it with a quick follow up shot. Now, we are hot, tired and hungry as the temps soared close to 80 Deg with lots of sun and no wind. We brought our three antelope back to camp to begin the cleaning chores. After this was completed, we took a short break, headed to town for Fuel, Ice and a few things at the grocery store. Return to the field, we drove several more miles looking for the final antelope to fill our 4th tag. Now it's my dads turn. After driving around to find a suitable Doe in a good position, my dad exits the truck to square up on #4. With a quick shot, high in the back, anchors our last one. Sorry no photos of my dads antelope. We completely forgot about taking photos until it was too late. We cleaned up camp, packed the truck and started our long drive back to Minneapolis. Leaving at 7:00pm, we arrived home yesterday just before 1:00pm. This kind of trip has many great rewards. Adventure, spending quality time with my dad and kids, and watching the passion for the great outdoors get passed down from generation to generation. If you ever feel a trip like this isn't worth the effort, your missing the point. This trip is very affordable, (youth tags around $35 dollars, price for adults $49.00 for Doe/fawn tags) Other than a few meals on the road and snacks for the field, the only real expense was fuel. Total trip was 2,100 miles and change. Enjoy
  12. After reading some of the replys, I just had to chime in with my two cents. First of all I disagree with Arctic about the DNR faking numbers. Do you realize what's at stake? Image if the DNR put out the real number showing a decimated heard, guess what would happen? The tourism would go down, retail sales would slump, hotels would be crying and some restaurants would go belly up. The DNR doesn't want to be responsible for this! This is just Great PR. In all actuallity this season was horrible! not just for me, but the for 50 to 60 other people I spoke with. I cruised the back roads and spoke to as many hunters as I could find. Each with the same bad luck. (DNR Calls this Management) I would personally like to establish a group of people to Audit the DNR and the REAL numbers that were reported. Forget the news releases. If you know anything about business, these are always slanted in the direction of the business they are about. The DNR is definately SLANTED. As for you leech, you are right on! I'm on your side about taking bets... Later,
  13. This year has been very tough to find deer on public land. I have dozens of hours on stand to only see 3 deer. One of them didn't make it. Are you experiencing the same thing? What are your thoughts? Is the population WAY down or is it just me?
  14. Spent all day on stand on Saturday and Sunday and again on Monday Morning. In an area that soulds like WW3, it sounded much more like my kid playing with a cap gun. Very few shots heard. At one time, I didn't hear any shooting for 3+ hours. ANyone hunting just north of Bemidji? What was your take on the opening weekend? Are the deer numbers that LOW! Fish fanatic wants to hear from you!
  15. When reading the previous posts about the Rage Broadheads, I started thinking about my experience with them and wanted to share my opinion. DO they work? Yes, But so does every other broadhead I've used. It comes down to Shot placement on the animal. Last Fall, I shot a doe with a 3 blade Rage. The shot was slightly more than quartering away, at the release, the doe moved slightly. I hit the doe in the rear quarter and passed completely through the animal and came out the front far shoulder. I estimate my arrow went through 34" to 38" of Hide, flesh and some bone (shoulder). Due to the angle, the hole was almost 4" across upon entry. The exit hole was about 2-1/2". Looking back, I have seen many other bow kills with different braodheads with very similar wound channels. Rade Broadheads do work. SO do Muzzy's, Tekans and on and on. It comes down to comfort level and your confidence in your own abilities. Are Rage Broadheads any better? Not necessarily. Fish
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