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  1. staresatice

    Strikemaster Strike-Lite 2

    Store on the hanger. Mine came with a hanger and when not out fishing leave it on the hanger.
  2. staresatice

    Strikemaster Strike-Lite 2

    I had one of he first one of these up til this year. The originally came with 3.4oz and have now gone down to 1.7oz and if you over fill they will blow oil out. Simple check is look in the air cleaner in the filter there may be oil in there an if there is that's a sign of too much oil. Also there was a problem with the valve cover leaks and it shows up on he back of the fuel tank. When I sent mine in they did a valve lashing also don't know about yours but when I got mine done it ran better then new. With mine non oxygenated fuel, 1.7 oz of oil and try not to keep it laying down anymore then you have too. When I had mine I pumped it a lot and never flooded it especially when its cold. Don't worry bout lack of oil I sent mine in and they drained the oil and never labeled it and when I got it back I never checked it and drill probably 30 holes with no oil in it and call strike master to tell them what happened and they said there is so much crankcase pressure with those motors you can't hardly run them out and I think there right. The new hondas take 3.4oz of oil so the new bottles have to much oil for this auger and I have scene buddies make this mistake
  3. staresatice

    Getting auger "stuck" when drilling deep ice

    if its the composite head join the crowd its happened to everyone one i know that owned one. we where at red lake with a extension on and that cup at the head of the auger would always catch at the bottom of the ice even with clearing the hole and then it would even ride up on the shavings and not cut at all after clearing. then we got it stuck and tried pulling on it and broke the flighting on the auger so we sat on red lake with no auger. called the guy at strikemaster and he recommended that composite auger for early ice and said if we wanted a new drill unit to send in the old one and he would ship out a steel one we all did it and got 5 new drill units back and they give u peace of mind of not sitting on a lake without a auger.
  4. staresatice

    Big Buddy Mr. Heater

    turn off heater and then tank and leave hose on the tank and take off hose from heater and the one way valve on the hose will capture the fuel in the line and when u hook back up no bleedin is required about 95% of the time if used frequently enough. though u must bleed the hose the first time and i have found pushin the one way vavle in helps and works great
  5. staresatice

    Anyone know when/if Lakemaster will do updates?

    picked up a 2011 friday at two and they said that where given to them two hours before i bought they where 90 dollars at eeds sports best price i could find they where so new nobody wanted to deal
  6. staresatice


    no i do not have a license but they sell this stuff all over the internet and dont ask for it, the label claims no noticable residue and i really dont notice it but i have a lighter colored house but i will have to check my sprayer today. it also comes in a liquid form in another brand but cost alot more money. today after all the rain the concrete that i sprayed around my house is full of dead bugs especially at my garage door seal.
  7. staresatice


    its called demon wp and it seems to have knocked down the population alot. my garbage can area was sprayed on wednesday and there is dead bugs all around it and the i dont see near as many bugs in the mulch areas. i noticed the concentration levels alot higher in this then some of the products above at 40% cypermethrin. lady i got it from says she uses another product on the soybean aphids.
  8. staresatice


    do a search on cypermethrin i have found many sites refering to it. it seems kind of spendy but willing to try it. synthetic spray that provides a barrier that will kill them and will last longer than store bought product. will have mine next week some time will report back findings.
  9. staresatice


    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 lets run a play and kick a field goal come on. i got a bad taste in my mouth just like in 98. really 12 men on the field that is high school stuff
  10. staresatice

    Clam fan/light combo.

    called clam and two stores i was in said that they were out for the year but you can try i wasn't going to wait. i too had the confirmed date. one thing i noticed is i had to do a search for it to show up on their HSOforum.
  11. staresatice

    Clam fan/light combo.

    when using the gander method, i called today and they where going to fulfill my order from clam. clam said they where sold out so i decided to cancel my order and look elsewhere.
  12. staresatice

    Lease new Camry?

    one thing to keep in mind is the interest rate on a lease. i leased a camry for something like .9% and the final cost of a 3 year lease is like $1500, now i get to buy it, take all money invested and only 1500 in interest. this was way cheaper interest wise then buying for me at time and keeps my new payments down. i guess it all depends on if you want to keep.
  13. staresatice

    clam rapid release system

    got them in the mail today after freezin last night wishing that i had them. went to put them on before going out this evening before realizing that they wont work. my frabil has 3 holes and as it slides up and down the snap moves but not the rps unit.
  14. staresatice

    Big Buddy question.

    ive found that if you take hose off of the heater and leave it attach to the tank, and turn off the heater before gas it seems to trap gas in the heater with the valve on the filter. then when i show back up im careful not to push the vavle on the filter and just screw it together and turn on lp. then i set up holes and house and when it comes time the heater lights on second or third try. maybe im crazy but it seems to work because i get hardly any gas escape when i do this.
  15. staresatice

    clam rapid release system

    thanks guys, the best i found was on a online auction for 15.68 delivered to my house. thanks for the tape idea ill have to do that.