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  1. Rope

    Marcum- customer service

    I had trouble with the latest upgrade for my LX-6. Called and the tech talked me thru the upgrade that didn't work. I sent it in and it came back a lot cleaner and working fine. I did pay to ship it to them,but they took care of the rest. I think their customer service is great.
  2. I use a Genz Blue Box. Made to fit into the top of a 5-7 gal. bucket. I have a LX-6 and a FL-22 rigged this way.
  3. Rope

    cover for strike lite (poly drill)

    Your memory isn't too good then! They are way different. Order one from Strike Master.
  4. Rope

    Icearmor Onyx boots ?

    I've had mine @3 yrs. They are plenty warm, but bulky.
  5. Rope

    Ultralight spinning reels?

    I'm using Sedona's in 500,750,and 1000 size.
  6. Rope

    To glow or not to glow......

    Kinda looks to me, like you've got your mind made up already.
  7. Rope

    TB Quiverstick

    I have a couple of quiversticks. Great rods.
  8. Rope

    TUC Rods

    Great rods/service/outstanding people to deal with.Call them,you will be pleased.
  9. Rope

    Thorne brothers rods.

    What HYPE,are you talking about? Thorne Bros. hype nothing that I know of.
  10. Rope

    Thorne brothers rods.

    So you are saying,that your listed rod choice...St.Croix is as good as a Thorne Bros. rod?
  11. Rope

    Thorne brothers rods.

    Key word ABOUT!!! I think all you have done is stir the pot.......
  12. Rope

    Thorne brothers rods.

    Please name said rods.
  13. Rope

    Thorne brothers rods.

    I disagree! But,I have been wrong before. Tell us why you don't like them.
  14. Rope

    How to keep Clam from blowing away?

    What DTro said!!!
  15. Rope

    Ice Line?

    Pline #3 always!!