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  1. Mueller

    Oil changing on F75

    Has anyone ever used one of those gizmos that pumps out oil from a 4 stroke that pumps it out through the dipstick tube? When I change oil on my F75 its quite the mess...I'd like to minimize the spilled oil and thought that if the dipstick pump works I'd get one. Or, if that doesn't work do any of you have a technique that I could try. Replies appreciated Mueller
  2. Mueller

    Hunting Land Lease question.

    The land is near the Mouth of the Brule River.
  3. Mueller

    Hunting Land Lease question.

    Good Point! Thanks Mueller
  4. Mueller

    Hunting Land Lease question.

    I own 44 acres in NW Wisc. I no longer hunt there and have toyed with the idea of leasing it. What is a reasonable price to ask and typically what rights does the lessee have. Thanks Mueller
  5. Mueller

    How much $ have you guys spent for Ice fishing this year?

    I just retired so I have to start from scratch...here's what Ive bought: Sled, runners, house $650 Auger $369 Tip ups reels and rods$186 Conversion kit for 67c$149 Minn Tax $101 Total $1455 And I'm not done yet!
  6. Mueller

    Thanks from Mueller!!

    I recently posted some questions regarding Ice fishing equipment and was impressed with the helpful responses I received that made my decisions easier. So I would like to thank all those who responded, your advice really helped me out. Thanks again Mueller
  7. I've dropped the price to a final, firm non-negotiable $700 which is an excellent price for this firearm. Mueller
  8. I don't know how to send pics on this site if you would E mail me at [email protected] and I'll send pics.
  9. Mueller

    Hyfax runners?

    Here's another question...I have the Otter lodge...what specifically will the hyfax runners do...are they woth the extra 45$? Thanks Mueller
  10. Mueller

    otter lodge put together?

    I just purchased the Otter Lodge combo and have free time to put it together. Problem is no one is home to help me in case it's a two person job. Is it possible to set it up yourself or should I wait for help. Also, how long is the process? Thanks Mueller
  11. Mueller

    How big a hole?

    How big of a fish can you bring up through an 8" hole?
  12. Mueller

    How big a hole?

    I am going to buy an ice auger and need to know what size I need. The fellow that sells them said a 9" is big enough. Never really did much ice fishing so I'm in the dark. So I would like to know if I should get a 9 or 10 incher. Thanks Mueller
  13. This gun is still available and price reduced to $725. It is in like new condition!