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  1. mnfathead

    Harvest home

    Hi all, does anyon e have any exp. With harvest homes? Or any homes like them? Good bad or other? My father is looking to retire at our lake sppot and put one up there, Any info would be great, thanks.
  2. mnfathead

    Shopping a new electric

    Hey guys, looking to upgrade my bow mount. Bought a 16.5 foot sylvan, dual console, w/90hp merc last summer but the trolling motor is out dated. Ive been leaning towards an ipilot anyone have exp. With them if so are they worth it? I have a 598 bird and lowrance finder in the boat aswell, any info is much appreciated, thanks.
  3. mnfathead


    Good info guys, like most things, cars, motors or beers, theres good and bad with all of them.
  4. mnfathead


    THanks! Good to know that you can have it checked out like that.
  5. mnfathead


    Hi guys, looking at a boat with a 06' 90hp etec, wondering if anyone has run them, if so, good/bad/the ugly? any info would be great.
  6. mnfathead

    Opening weekend reports

    hunted our traditional 259 spots, between the three of us, all weekend, fired one time, had to be just as legel time rolled around, i had a decent 8 come through in a hurry on the tail of a couple does that worked there way by in the dark, thought i had a good shot on him, trailed him for along time, but the blood disappeared and couldn't get back on it, so all in all, very disapointing, never saw another deer all weekend.
  7. mnfathead

    Smoking Snack Sticks

    I use 20% beef to venison mix ratio, collogen casings and an l.e.m. stuffer, I can hammer out a five pound batch in 20 minutes and have them in the smoker, its allot of trial and error to get going, but once you have it down its second nature.
  8. mnfathead


    Dan, yeah, that's a good rule of thumb, the guy told my old man that a new 4stroke will push his boat around just as well as his old 25 did, not sure if there is any truth to that
  9. mnfathead


    My dads 25merc took a dump, place has a new 15merc 4 stroke for 2500, is that enough to push around a 16 ft early 90s lund rebel??
  10. mnfathead

    NE SD smallies

    pretty much hit the nail on the head there! then back to the cabin for a couple 13/14 cold ones!
  11. mnfathead

    NE SD smallies

    What are the odds, I was born down there and still have family in the area. Nothing like the pressure this area sees but then those of us who know that area know enough to keep tight lips most of the time too. Nebraskans love that area, see their bass groups around the area a couple times a summer, more recreational traffic than anything.
  12. mnfathead

    NE SD smallies

    We have a cabin on clear and the smallie action can be good, if you put in your time on roy it can be fantastic. Have put afew over 20 in the boat in the last year, both small and largemouth.
  13. mnfathead

    Smoking bone in country style ribs

    Ive done these quite often lately with good results. Personally I use the 3 2 1 method for all my smoked ribs, 3 in smoke 2 in foil pan with alittle beer or apple juice covered, and then back in the smoke for the last hour to sauce and get the nice bark to them, a good dry rub helps too.
  14. Well my cabin fever has arrived, tying spinners some thought on different lengths and how that relates to the depth your fishing. Any input is greatly appreciated, thanks
  15. mnfathead

    soft case for 597

    Does anyone know if you can just buy the hb soft case and use it for your 597 or do you need something else? Any info would be great thanks