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  1. My pudelpointer does the same thing in the winter. Never in the summer. I've asked a couple Vets with no real answer. I've tried the pumpkin and all kinds of other suggestions with no results. I try to pick up all her droppings but in the winter that's hard. Plus I take her out to run most every day and she always finds a pile to try. I just put up with it.
  2. I have a 98 jeep grand Cherokee. Recently it started to not turn over at times. No noise at all when I turn the key. Everything else lights up the motor just doesn't turn over. I'll wait a few minutes and it'll then fire up. Happens maybe 20% of the time. Is my starter going out? How do I diagnose that? Thanks!
  3. I've gotten 18 with my grand Cherokee on occasion, but 16-17 range is more realistic. It's approaching 200k and has been a very trouble free vehicle.
  4. Layers and cotton never touches my skin.
  5. This is not a post against spearing. I've enjoyed the sport in the past and would do it again if I had the equipment. That out of the way, I noticed after decades of Beers and West Battle being closed to spearing, (I assume to protect musky), the DNR has reopened it starting next week. You can spear northern under 24" and not over 36". You may spear one over 36". My question is having never speared in a lake with both species how difficult is it to tell the difference between the two? Also, it would seem hard to accurately eyeball the protected slot? At least it would be for me. Just curious as to what others think.
  6. This has probably been addressed many times but can't find any. Looking for a simple, good beer batter recipe. Also, what type oil do most of you guys use?
  7. Heading to north central part of the state tomorrow. Forecasts call for cold so i'm figuring most small water will be froze so i'm hoping that bodes well for field hunting which is all we do. Haven't heard any accurate migration reports other than a buddy who hunted across the border in Manitoba near whitewater and reported tons of birds there as of yesterday.
  8. island guy


    My dog doesn't seem to be able to learn to keep away from skunks. I've used a solution from the vet that works fairly well. I remember hearing about using a concoction of hydrogen peroxide, baking soda and dish soap but can't remember the amounts and if you add water and how much. Anyone know or have a better method?
  9. khaki for me also. I've never seen a camo one that doesn't stick out like a sore thumb in the field unless you stuff the straps with whatever's been growing in the field. I also do that with the khaki.
  10. A long time. I buy bait ahead of time and as long as I keep the bag cool, I've gone a day or two with no problem.
  11. I have one a few years older with 190k on it. It's been extremely dependable with no major repairs. Still runs great with no issues.
  12. There has been a thread on this before. Lots of recommendations. You may be able to find the old thread. My experience is they don't really work but might be worth a try. For myself, I don't really care what my lawn looks like and I just consider it a part of owning a dog but i'm sure i'm in the minority on that thought. My neighbor has tried all the tricks and methods with his dog with little success. Last summer, he kept a watering can on his deck and would dilute the spot each time his dog went. Seemed like a hassle to me but it had fair results. Good luck!
  13. I've had my auger laying gas tank up, carb down all winter in my SUV with no problem. Neither the truck nor the auger have been used for a couple weeks. Today i noticed it had leaked out gas thru the carb. Should i have been storing it carb side up? Not sure why it leaked out today and not before. Maybe the temp rising? It sits outside and it was warm and sunny today. Befuddled and mechanically challenged!
  14. I had retrievers for 30 years and loved them and still do. That said, decided on a PP last year and she's great. Coat is consistent, little to no noticeable shedding and equally well mannered in the field and house. Their coat varys from smooth to a bit longer. Color can vary some with some white usually found on the chest and paws. Google the breed and you can see the difference in color shades and coats. My sister also has a PP. Different breeding. Both dogs have been eager to please and learn quickly. Excellent around children. Like any dog, daily work needs to be done. I run mine daily and work on skills daily. Mine did very well with both upland and waterfowl. Loves the water. Vet concerns? No different than any other dog i've owned. No problems. Just the routine stuff. My PP needs to get out every day to exercise or she will get a little hyped but mostly a very relaxed dog. Honestly, i had planned to get another lab when my last one passed but this PP fell into my lap and i certainly have no regrets. Good luck.
  15. I used to do my last dog myself. My new one is too hard to do myself so i take her in to the vet. I've never paid more than $12 to have it done.
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