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  1. Pickelfarmer

    Bee Hives

    No I dont think that even if you had a whole field of sunflowers behind your house it would make a difference, Since your going to be sending your bees south they will have plenty of flying time to get rid of any toxins that might build up so you should be fine. If they were stuck in the hive for any length of time then I would worry. I would still keep an Eye out for any darker honey that you see and try hold it until the end of your extracting time. Sun flowers are a great source of honey its just not the most disirable honey out there. It will darken you nice sweet clover and bass wood honey so just keep an eye on it as to not taint your nice crop of honey.
  2. Pickelfarmer

    First Thing That Pops Into Your Head-

    fishing... That was tooooooo easy.
  3. Pickelfarmer

    Pawn Stars

    Who knows maybe one day we will see a 20' Box fan on there!!!!
  4. Pickelfarmer

    Hi! I'm new

    Heard of the lake but not the people. You give out plenty of usefull info! Don't sell yourself short. Just giving you a hard time.
  5. Pickelfarmer

    I Wanna See..............

    I want to see A bear giving a monkey a huge.
  6. I saw two guys out in the shallows of an area lake hunting for some kind of rocks, agates, somthing? They showed me some of what they were finding and told me the name but i forgot.They looked kind of like a very small ruby. If someone knows the name and posts it I will reckognize it. I just don't know the name and its driving me nuts.I want to say opauls(SP)??? but thats not it.
  7. Pickelfarmer

    Bee Hives

    Sounds like its going to be a warm one this week. I really can't stress what a great year its been. I don't remember a year that the bees have done so good. I think with this next hot spell we are going to see alot more honey. Hope you got the suppers to go around leechmann. I just went out to my Dad's place and got another 20 suppers to put on. I haven't put them on yet but if it comes down to it I'm ready . We still have the golden rod and more clover for the bees to work. You showed that pic of the bee working a Sunflower. I was going to say that if you winter bees in MN you really don't want them to store any Sunflower honey in the brood chamber only because this is the honey you leave for the bees to eat over winter. They disintary (Bees versoin of the hershy's squirts) bad on sunflower honey. Since they only have limited flying time in the winter, maybe once in Jan and once again in Feb if it gets above 35-40 deg.If they have to stay in the hive for to long without a cleansing flight they go #2 in the hive and that makes them sick and they die. Since your sending your bees south you got no worrys. Sunflower honey is kind of a dark honey but it tastes ok. When you extract you might want to pay attention to the boxes and if you run into the sunflower honey hold it until the end so it doesn't darken your nice clover/light honey. Thats just a suggestion, you don't have to do that but its not a bad idea to keep in mind so you don't darkin you other honey.
  8. Pickelfarmer

    Hi! I'm new

    Oh my!!!! Welcome Heather and congrats!!!! Hope you enjoy the site and your Honeymoon. I doubt you will be fishing much so no advise there. I will say that I do agree with glenn57 that you can't beleave everything you read on here (insert above quote . sorry glenn57 couldn't resist) but its a great site that I'm sure you will be happy you joined. Welcome aboard..
  9. Pickelfarmer

    Hole Hopping

    Looks like a good thing. I just wonder, Is it very tippy? It looks kind of small and tall. I like the small part of it as that would be easy to drag behind but I haven't had alot of luck with tall sleds that like to always tip over.
  10. Pickelfarmer

    Bee Hives

    as of yet the stinky little bugger is still out there. I tried to get him the other night but he must have heard me and ran off. I hope to get him in the next few days. I'll keep you posted. Looks like a hot week this next week. stuff just keeps on blooming!!!!!!!! I just want to say, don't get used to this leechmann. Not every year is like this. Most years things either dry up and blow away or flood. I'm not trying to be a bah hum bug but this year is not normal for the honey flow. BUT I'M LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Pickelfarmer

    Bee Hives

    Bat powered Electric fence. But even that won't stop them sometimes. Fences work pretty good though. The reason I had so much trouble that one year is, I got some batteries for the fencers from a referbishing place and they weren't worth a darn. They went dead in like a week. Normaly one bat will last all summer on a fence as long as its not grounded out by grass or tree branches. I didn't realize they were faulty batteries until it was to late .
  12. Pickelfarmer

    Bee Hives

    Yeah bear can be a real big problem. They can do thousands of dollars of damage in one night. I have had whole bee yards (30 hives) ripped up in one night. Figure 30 hives at $100.00 a hive plus how ever much honey they have on them when the bear rips them up you could be looking at anywhere from $3000.00 to $6000.00 dollars worth of damage in one night. Not a good deal at all . One year I had 3 yards destroyed by bear and I figured it out to be over $11,000.00 damage. No insurance company would insure bees at that time. Not sure if theres one out there now that will but I just had to eat that loss at that time.
  13. Pickelfarmer

    Bee Hives

    Leechmann you beat me to it . For some reason I decided to pull out the camera and snap a few pics to post on here. So when I login look who else decided to do the same thing . Very good looking hives leechmann. Looks like you might hit 175-200 pounds out of one or both of those. Anyway Here are the pics I got this afternoon. one is of all my hives the other is a pic of Skunk damage. They sit out in front of the hive after dark and they tap on the entrance to get the bees to come out. Then they grab them quick and roll them in there paws to kill the bees. Then they eat them. They can do alot of damage in a short amount of time. Hince my other post in the Lawn Garden forum about how to get rid of skunks. When you see spots like the one in the second pic you know a skunk has been sitting there for a long time eating your bees. I think tonight he might be eating something that flys a little faster then a bee.....