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  1. Was out wed. Eve, all day yesterday, and will be out all day today. Saw 1 single doe yesterday. Rattled in a decent 8 this morn at 11:45am. He gave me no shot. Pretty warm. I think gun hunters are gonna get all the luck again.
  2. I still do it old school. Have an archery shop put a peep tube on for you. It's a small rubber tube that pulls your peep straight every time. No worries, it's always in the right spot.
  3. Any one shooting them? Or better yet, have shot something with them? i have been shooting muzzy for 30 years. Love them, and knew they were going to come up with some sort of mechanical just to keep up with the jones's. i bought a package of their new "hb". High bred. They look really cool, and like they will do the job. I'm just confused on how well they work. I understand how they open. I just dont understand how they stay open to make the wide cut. As soon as the device on the broad head is past the blades it seems as if the blades would shut again. "In my mind". So I'm curious if any one has harvested an animal yet, and how they worked. They are so new there's really nothing on the internet yet.
  4. I agree with MJ1657, I will never step foot in gander mtn again. I will drive an hour to cabelas before I drive 15 min to gander. What kind of "hunting store" takes their mounts down?? That would be a huge bummer if they closed. However bass pro has great customer service over the phone, as well as in the store. In my experience. Unlike... The cabelas in Woodbury is pretty dang new, but I guess if you've got the money to buy cabelas you've got the money to update and change a few stores. I hope it's not true.
  5. Thurs and Friday could be a little better. They both look a little cooler. I would think it would slow movement down, heck I get hot walking to my stand. But ya won't know unless ya go. I have Thursday and Friday off. I would rather sit in my tree than on the couch. I guess all we can do is hope and pray.
  6. I'm out today. Going to sit all day. Haven't seen anything yet. There are a couple new scrapes on my way in. Havnt seen any dead, hit by cars yet either.
  7. His smile says it all. Nice job. Congratulations!! He will never forget that.
  8. Friend of mine shot a very nice 8 point this past weekend.
  9. I was reading the must have tools and didn't want to plug up the post with this. Iphone portable chargers,, do you have a recommendation for a good one? Time is coming for all day sits, and that will for sure lead to a dead phone.
  10. i also use the heat wraps for back pain. They work pretty dang good. I've often thought about the hand warmer that takes lighter fluid, but have been concerned about scent. Do they smell at all? Pruner for sure, saw if I'm not real concerned about weight. I like the hooyman. TP for sure, depending on where I'm going I carry a lighter, always have spare batteries and a back up small flashlight. And ya always have to have a snickers.
  11. So what's happening around you ?? Hopefully it won't be to much longer. I mainly hunt chisago county. I've been noticing some smaller scrapes showing up, and not much for rubs. I try to get as much hunting in now as possible, but take my time off and hit it hard from Halloween till gun opener. Good luck everyone!!
  12. I have shot 4 blade 90 or 100 grain muzzy for a lot of years and really like them. My son shot his first deer with them also. They work very well
  13. Does anyone use a topo map app on their phone they really like?? I was looking at the GAIA topi maps. It's $20.00 and I'm wondering if anyone uses it and likes it, or doesn't like it. Is it worth it??
  14. you can put some sea foam in it
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