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  1. I feel like I am reading a high school post. "I am 6'2" and 350lbs, let's fight." "No, I am bigger." "My car is faster than yours." "My dad can beat up your dad." No one cares what kind of car you drive or if you can beat each other up. No one here even knows what the other is all about. I know it is all in fun, but it is getting old. Let's get back to ripping on the White Sux, and how their horrible hitting eventually lead to their demise.
  2. It only took Santana 1/5 the time I thought to lower his ERA below Judy Garlands. If wins meant anything other than timely run support I would say you have yourself one heck of a pitcher.
  3. Farley, he has been teamed up with Edge & Marvin for the last 3 or 4 years, and alas, no Superbowl. Please dont say that Culpepper just has an arm when he completes almost 70% of his passes. You have to be able to see the field to do that.
  4. Concur with the Pigeon River crossing, very quick. Just got back yesterday.
  5. Now remember, you would take Peyton over Culpepper with a great offensive line to compliment him, otherwise Manning would be about as effective as Spergyn Winn.(maybe a tad better)
  6. You can also longline troll #1/0 blue fox, mepps, or any other inline spinners, they work great. Roosters tails are also great, remember to switch up sizes and colors and you will catch more fish. Throw a small inline weight or splitshot to get it down. Also, fish morning hours if possible, and try to pick an overcast or rainy day. If you are feeling lazy, just stick a small angleworm under a small bobber.
  7. I was just giving you slack, Andrew. That's a pretty sweet boat you have, I am just jealous. I am going out with Phil on Friday so I will have to bring the yard stick to make sure the size of the fish are accurately measured this time.
  8. MrSenarighi

    fun game

    3 time I played and I got a 32. This game rocks.
  9. I have had good success with bread. Ball up a piece really hard and it will stay together for a long time.
  10. To be fair, he had a good run. And although he gave up 11 hits, he only allowed 3 earned runs. But like buzzsaw said, back to reality. I think what is happening, or going to happen more with him is that pitchers who are dominating get extra attention from scouts/players and their tendancies/weaknesses are revealed more. Unless they have an unhittable pitch like Santana's change-up, they will be hit more. How they adjust to the hitters determines their success. The other fact that will push Judy's ERA and losses up is his inability to get that much needed strikeout when needed. That is what separates the good from the great. It also doesn't help him either that Chicago is hitting like .255 as a team. I will admit he has a very lively fastball and good control of all his pitches. I still think that Santana will finish with better numbers and repeat as the Cy Young winner.
  11. I was talking to a friend who fished this and he landed a 50+ inch musky during the tourney. He figured it went around 35lbs. He is emailing me the pics, but I do not know how to post pics. I will try.
  12. The bears just released Edinger, not sure if we are thinking about him or not.
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