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  1. I like most of the tips here but I really disagree with the first one. I Bring liquor every year crossing multiple times a year and have never had the slightest of issues or delays. Just be organized on what you have and how much and it is simply not an issue whatsoever On another note, I noticed someone in this thread comment that if you are staying in the NW angle in Minnesota you can bring more alcohol and tobacco if you are simply passing through Canada...can anyone vouch for that being true?
  2. If your main focus is Walleyes I think you would be better off sticking to Lac Seul...The walleye fishing can be good on the Woods, but if you are the "one week a year" guy you will probably do better on Lac Seul. The best areas I have seen on the lake are near the big water in the NW Angle and some of the stuff by Sunset channel and skeet..So you might want to look at some of the boat in camps like Witch Bay or Totem ( they are pricy), or stay in the Angle at a US camp and be prepared to do some driving. Honestly I would rate LOTW third behind Lac Seul and Eagle Lake in terms of eyes...just my opinion but thats what the stats say in my boat...
  3. I thought it was a little slower last week as opposed to my trip the first week of July, definitely saw less fish but I saw bigger fish last week so that was th trade off... There were a few days of big winds last week and a few days of annoying in and out storms, rocks were more consistent in terms of fish contacts but the big girls clearly were showing themselves more in weeds although they'd be there one hour and gone the rest of the day in weeds...I got 8 fish alone up to 49.5, a "slow" week on the woods is still better then just about anywhere else...and only speaking from my boat, double 8's have clearly outfished cowgirls both trips, food for thought
  4. I would say maxed out on the fish....Looks to be a very old fish with declining girth. Nice to see a huge fish come from Canada finally, sick of hearing about vermilion
  5. Anyone have ideas why the fish was so docile? It seems like it was worn out before I even hooked it. There weren't other anglers in the area, so I don't think it had recently fought. ...Hot water is a very strong culprit. The oxygen levels just aren't very high in late summer shallow water with 80 degree water temps or close to it. It's kinda just like how we get lazy when it's hot and humid outside...
  6. Since I put so much money into my boat, I can only spend up to 20K on a Truck. I have an opportunity to jump on a Ford 150 V8 for 19,800, downside being it is only 2 wheel drive ( rear) Is that powerful enough to not be an issue at most not-so-friendly boat launches? And while not ideal how would something like that handle driving in snow? Thoughts would be greatly appreciated, thanks Brian Malack
  7. Dave, I have stayed at one of the resorts before located right in the cluster. Although Minaki may not offer complete solitude, a "town" is kind of a stretch. There's several resorts and cabins located in the cluster and yes there are railroad tracks but it's hardly anything like staying in Dryden or Ft Frances would be. There are more houses on the lake system in some places then you would think but it's still has a pretty good wilderness feeling. It's no worse then LOTW... As for fishing...There's lots of Pike, I was there in September and couldn't keep them off my line while Musky fishing. As a musky fisherman myself, this is certainly a good place to go if you want a big fish, they are there and inhabit the same spots as the big pike too. I know you said you want Pike but I can't imagine a 54" Musky would ruin your day too much
  8. Biggest fish I have seen posted all year What a monster and congratulations
  9. Shawn, I highly disagree with your statement that 6" is not a big deal. I'm not so much talking about Garret's fish, this is more of a general statement. But according to what you just said, we would have trouble seeing the difference between a 42" and a 48"...a 44" and a 50"...I mean, that doesn't really stop as fish get bigger, 6 inches doesn't look like a lot on a ruler but when looking at the dimensions of a fish and what it does to its size 6" is a pretty big deal
  10. The article states the angler took a trip to "trout water"....I think it's pretty obvious on what lake system this was caught on, and I also don't think you will have anything to worry about in terms of pressure for this body of water and it's connecting lake(s)
  11. Just thought I would share a passport story for those with issues/concerns. Due to mental error I did not apply for my passport until Friday the 10th, I needed it by Friday the 24th. I went over to my local post office and paid for it to be expedited. Well, even with that I was told it would be 2-3 weeks, meaning I probably still would not get it in time. To my amazement, it came in the mail today, 6 days later. So I would suggest going to the post office if you have timing issues about getting it before your trip..
  12. Those are some nice muskies, I need to make it up there sometime
  13. It all depends what kind of baits you throw as well.. If you throw Double 10's, Big Dawgs, Big Cranks...Well, good luck getting 3 years on a C3, I think you ( or your arm and wrist) will be lucky to make it one week.
  14. I am curious what you don't like about the 400b's. If you equip them with power handles it is a beast of a reel, I really doubt there is much difference compared to a TE
  15. Pretty poor advice to be telling people Abu garcias hold up well compared to Calcuttas. I am sorry you had ONE reel break on you, but I have been Musky fishing heavy hours for over 10 years and Abu Garcias do not belong in the same sentence as Calcuttas.....And yes, after fishing with others in the boat using cheaper Reels I can say they do catch more fish as well because they make it easier to "burn" in baits, especially bucktails. as far as 400 Dollars goes, getting the Calcutta 400b with a power handle runs you about 250ish. Compared to 160 dollars for an Abu Record I do think it is a good buy
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