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  1. Jari Razskazoff

    One last trip!

  2. Jari Razskazoff

    opener predictons

    Any ideas on how this impending cold front will effect inland lake opener for lakers browns and rainbows?
  3. Jari Razskazoff

    10-inch ager or 8-inch auger ?

  4. Jari Razskazoff

    Thermal vs Standard???

    I'm wondering what people think about having the thermal cover on their shack. Is it worth the extra cost?
  5. Jari Razskazoff

    Polarized Sunglasses

    If you google The House Boardshop, you'll get a local MN company called The House Board shop, which happens to be the largest snowboard online sales company supposedly, but anyways, they have great deals on Sunglasses, may of which are durable enough for snowboarding, and polorized for dealing with snow etc... and fashionable enough for the most fashionable people out there.... just saying, I've got most of my glasses there, and I ice fish like a maniac. Good sales often, and you're helping a local company.
  6. Jari Razskazoff

    Sing it

    OHHHHHHHH Northernpikeperch gonna catch a walleye largemouthsmallmouth give that lake another try scumfrog in the bog, crankbait in the laaaaaake! I think i got another biiite. (repeat each round faster and faster, and you're guaranteed fish.)
  7. So, I went a little nuts at the licence shop, and picked up a doe tag for the Metro Area 601. Not sure where I can hunt, but from what I've read, its all pretty much private land. Does anyone know if there is there any public land in that area 601 that I can hunt, most likely the 2nd weekend of the Deer season?
  8. Jari Razskazoff

    kinni vs rush

    Thank you very much. This was the answer I was seeking. Thanks again.
  9. Jari Razskazoff

    kinni vs rush

    I've been to neither, and would like to go to one this weekend. Which one would you suggest, and why? I will be be using a crappie rod, and number 0-1 spinners. Thanks in advance!
  10. Merry Christmas Everybody. I have a proposition which hopefully I and others can learn from the responses. Here is the scenario: Its a 110 acre lake, dark stained water, formerly farmland, with the deepest part 9ft deep. There is a slow stream which feeds in to the lake on the West side from a pretty big swamp/marsh, followed by summertime lillypads which extend from the East side of the lake, to about 1/3 the way across the lake. There is plenty of cabbage all over the lake, and then on the East sideabout 1/6 of the east end of the lake is stopped by a small dam which allows the lake to keep its 8ft depth. There are no deep holes in the lake, and the majority of the lake is under 6ft of water. This lake holds HUGE northern, and the sporadic crappie I have caught were between 11-13 inches. There are plenty of decent size perch in here, and even more dinky perch. There are even a few bass. On a lake like this, I know how to fish it in the summer with decent sucess, but I find it impossible to catch a crappies in the winter, let alone a pike (i DO NOT want to tip-up fish) How what would be your strategy to get at the crappies? I would like to try out some of these stragegies and learn. Thank you in advance.
  11. Jari Razskazoff

    Where to go for a week in January

    I'm looking for great fishing,a fun bar,and a nice fish house to rent for a week in January. I've fished Mille Lacs, and know what that can be like, but that's a great place to have a ton of fun, and mayyyybe have good fishing. I've never been to LOW, Leach, or Winne. My question is, is there any nighlife, like a local bar, or anything fun to do at LOW, Leach, or Winne? How about the fishing? Is it better than Mille-Lacs?
  12. Jari Razskazoff

    Shallow Lake Walleye Help

    I'm going to be fishing a lake that gets about 15 feet deep, stained water, and with plenty of walleyes on the dnr report. There is gravel on the east side of the lake, and besides that there is muck, and everything else that is in a 15 ft lake. Question, where can I possibly find walleyes in here?
  13. Jari Razskazoff

    Navionics app from Android Market

    oh, oops.
  14. Jari Razskazoff

    Navionics app from Android Market

    I just downloaded the Navionics Lakemaster app for about 12 bucks or so yesterday, got the Northern Lakes maps, and this is by far the best app I've ever downloaded. Does anyone else have this?! If not, you should, if your celly can handle apps. From what I can tell, the lakes are all on here. I fish the Metro, so even small lake maps like Como were there. Its better than getting the Navionics Chip for 100 bucks, it does it all... gps tracking, everything! Thanks Navionics!
  15. Jari Razskazoff

    Minnow Thief

    If he would have said someone was stealing fatheads or sucker minnows, I would have suggested a young Sasquatch.