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  1. I have a 3 year old lx3 with probably more hours than 99% of them, never had a problem, short of a battery needing replacement, I use mine year round. Top notch eqiupment.
  2. Sure your choice, but google is the best, hands down, they are teh only internet company that hasn't bowed to government pressure, and are fighting to keep uncle sam from seeing everything you do, atleast they are making it much harder. That and I guess I surf enough I just totally ignore all adds.
  3. I think we should have a Fishing MN get together on this lake , I'm pretty sure I know what lake this is too (inlaws live in lonsdale) I'd be there, I'ce always wanted to fish that lake too
  4. mnrstrider

    Genz Worms

    Gander will always price match, then beat the lowest price you can find , so I always shop everywhere and buy at gander -Nick (Penny pincher)
  5. Really I think if anyone wanted to know specfics on this I'll bet you could email your tire manufacturer tire size and car/truck and they could tell you for sure.
  6. Quote: Can anyone name that lake? Big lake beltrami, now what do I win
  7. Quote: Are firearms included in the discount? Generally not, you'd have to call them to be sure.
  8. Sometimes I run across situations like this jigging just doesn't work, I'll find a way to get my bait down to them and "troll" past them, for whatever reason it seems it needs to be moving for them. Sometimes as good as marabou is I go to tube jigs and find they are working much, much better, maybe even a paddle tail or swimbait for this situation, might really turn them on, 1.5 mph or so... reel in fish... CPR... repeat.
  9. Wally world will take them, and they charge you nothing for the old style valve exchange, not to mention you get a new tank of propane for less than I could find a place to fill one, explain that to me...
  10. Yeah I found fish from 7 feet of water on outside weededges to suspended 5 feet down in 20 feet of water.
  11. A couple of my observations... 1. Clueless people with no common sense bother me the most ie; loading the boat on the launch ramp, screwing around and just being in the way of people who just want to load/unload, bother me most. 2. They are indeed clueless, and 98% don't know or realize that they are this way. And in general, you can help most of these people, but that only makes you wait shorter for the day ( which is good ) but these people will resume the same slow nonsense at a later day anyways. 3. They come out in flocks on weekend and holidays and frequent the nice days. 4. Are never to be found on the rainy wet days that are not weather wise pefect. 5. Weekdays are your saving grace, if you have the time or option fish weekdays, you'll cut the number of clueless people to a very small number, or you can fish different water, plenty of lakes out there that get much less attention, and offer great fishing, off the beaten path. 6. These people will either figure it out eventually ( though rare) or will not have a boat for long or not use it much in the long run. 7. Paintence, paintence, paitence, you'll get on the water, you'll get off the water, relax, getting mad and yelling at them is not going to do anything but [PoorWordUsage] them off. Meanwhile turn the radio up and enjoy the show.
  12. Yes, yes I do, the thing I have to do is stay calm, (sometimes I have a short fuse) I packed everything up and go home, I know nothing good is to come of this day fishing as as much as it sucks, I go do something else I like, next time out I'm fine. Sometimes I just think it's a hint that you shouldn't be out fishing, but that me. And yeah don't think I find it east to just pack up and go home, but if things are going that bad, it will ruin my whole day, instead of just a little part of it.
  13. Yeah I hate to admit thisa is one time of the year, I don't think I'll be caugth without minnows again.
  14. This is what I've been waiting for, I want out a couple days ago, and I always start shallow this time of year, searching for fish, and just keep moving out deeper til I find fish. For me this is flasher season, bar none depending on the day I'll find fish very, very tight to the bottom, or sometimes suspended, normally I do not fish a lot of bobbers, but this is the one time of year I believe in them, I'll put on a light jig, and most of the time I will tip the jigs with meat, again another tactic I do not use 95% of the time, I also make sure to weight my bobber so it just barely floats. I'm normally fishing the fish tight to the bottom in these situations (6-12 inches off the bottom), I have more luck with them than the suspended ones. I wouldn't say fish were smacking the heck out of it the other day, but it's the first sign I've seen of the fish starting to actively go after my bait since ice. I would've never figured this out if I didn't have faith in another boat out there fishing an area, in deeper water (20 feet or so) and most inportant to me was the flasher, my graph said there was nothing there, the flasher told me they were tight to the bottom, and catchable, I know we were the only boats to have good luck out there that day, as I watched mulitple boats zoom around to shallow areas.
  15. Just wondering, I put some hi-vis on for some early river fishing, and I still have it spooled on a couple spools, I was thinking hi vis would be really bad for crappies and sunfish, anyone fish hi-vis? Anyone have and input on hi-vis versus anyother color. I have been using clear, because I thought it would turn them off.
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