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    Hydro Wave

    My son fished a few times last open water season with a guy that had one and swore they worked impressively. Didn't think much of it until he bought one. He's a young guy with a limited budget so to fork out the money for one I figured there had to be something to it. I borrowed it to use in my fish house to give a try. I have a camera hooked up to a flat screen so it was interesting to monitor the results. It didn't take long for myself and everyone that angled in my house to be convinced it absolutely works. His buddy who has a spear house is getting one for next year, he also doesn't have any money to burn. I tend to fish a little fast in the open water season (fish would probably be trying to catch up all day) but will be getting one for the wheel house next year. My son says they work even better in open water but haven't tried one to back that claim.
  2. Okay thanks for input, almost pulled the trigger on one.
  3. So your saying they can sell such a thing as a ProCom Vent-Free Propane Ice House Heater that would kill you?? I realize some people could kill themselves playing with a box of tooth picks but I was considering one of these for my house. Anyone have any real experience with these?


    I'm assuming you had someone with being you were in the passenger seat in picture. Several feet of braided line and a buddy would have made short work of that. Have done it more times than I care to remember. A couple good aspirin and a few shots of what ever is available makes it quite a bit more painless but could make rest of day a bit interesting if not done fishing...

    Mille Lacs cabin

    Looking for a reasonably priced cabin/resort on the lake that rents for weekends, doesn't have to be anything fancy. any suggestions?
  6. My last boat a Skeeter ZX202C had a whip antenna stored in the rod locker box and wouldn't pick anything up unless you laid it out on the deck. I suppose the previous owner wasn't too keen on the idea of drilling holes in the gel coat and neither was I. Don't know how good it was grounded since I didn't do the install.
  7. Honestly, if you can't catch them now perhaps you should have considered a Lund LOL! All the lakes are on fire this time of year if you have any experience at all chasing the little green fish.
  8. There are a bunch of good lakes in the Detroit Lakes area starting about a half hour from Fargo. Can't go wrong on any of the Cormorants'. If you want to try for smallies, Lizzie Crystal Rush or Upper and Lower Lida. Last year about the same time you'll be up, with the delayed Spring like we just had, they were going hot on the beds.
  9. Likely be cheaper to use the coils over. Just bring them to a service station and have them mount the new struts into the springs, it doesn't take them long at all. Probably could wait for them and shouldn't cost much. Wouldn't attempt it without the right equipment though.
  10. Painting over bare metal without a quality etching primer first would be a waste of time. I'm not sure how rattle can primers would hold up since I've never used them. I use a catalyzed primer in a spray gun. The paint used on your truck is a base/clear system, the base color is only color and dries flat mixed with a stabilizer. The clear gives it the shine and is mixed with a reducer and hardener but you would need an air supply and spray gun. Ideally you would use a sand blaster to get down to nice clean metal removing ALL of the rust. If pitting is a result of cleaning the rust away you would use polyester glaze and block sand smooth followed by a primer then top coat with a catalyzed sealer preferably over the primer. The tailgate would be relatively easy just shoot it open. The other two spots you have a body crease line where I would use a round feather edge tape so you don't end up with a sharp paint line. You could get by with rolling the masking edge of the tape up achieving basically the same affect and shooting the whole lower section. Wouldn't have to paint the whole section only the primed area fanning/blending the paint out but clearing the whole section. Same could be done with the fender lips. The toughest one to have good results would be the fender since there isn't a real defined line there. One option would be to repair/paint the area to stop the rust and put fender flares on which you can get a whole set of for less than $300. After you remove the rust by blasting/grinding or whatever your going to need to feather the repair area so there isn't a noticeable ridge for lack of better words. An orbital sander works best for this but can be done by hand. 360 grit would be fine then use 400 on the primer. Problem is having the tools, mainly a clean/dry air source and spray gun. Red is your most expensive color, have seen pints go as much as over $140! Then you will need a stabilizer cuz paint is usually reduced 1:1, pints might be available dunno we buy by the gallon. Same thing with the clear not sure if that's sold in quart form cuz again, we buy by the gallon. I would probably recommend using a high speed type clear since you likely won't have a real dust free environment to spray in ( the clear doesn't stay "open" as long and doesn't run as easy...would wait for a warm day too if you don't have a heated shop)this also eliminates the need for a clear coat reducer. Take the time to cover rest of truck from overspray it's a dam to remove trust me. You can see why it's sometimes not so quite "cost effective" to DIY sometimes Good Luck! Oh and make sure and clean the areas well with a paint prep/wax remover, any type of petroleum type contaminant will cause fisheyes ie. wax/armor all/ tire dressing and that greasy Big Mac on your fingers etc. Good idea to have a fisheye eliminator on hand. Tac rag too to remove dust.
  11. Thanks kt, yah he caught the bass bug bad from me. Reminds me of myself at that age, wish I still had that energy!
  12. Cool video of my boy and a buddy of ours made recently check it out. http://youtu.be/D_MhNQX4RRA
  13. Great post. Almost ordered the gloves you were talking about but opted for Under Armour "Extreme Cold" gloves instead. Should have put the money towards the Kast pair. Let us know how they work out if you get them.

    Fall Returns

    Wind was brutal yesterday but fishing was great! Couldn't find any too far over 4 but a lot of solid fish including one nice walleye (too big to eat) and a couple big gators. 12 ft. and under mostly jigs but some on jerk...central mn.
  15. I give tackle to young fisherman also but I rather doubt this scumbag was after tackle to go fishing. Not often you find youth involved in the outdoors getting into any serious trouble.
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