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  1. Thanks for posting for the DNR HSOforum the cost of trail maintenance. Non-snowmobile club members don't realize how much time volunteers put in to maintain the trails, and the cost to clubs. This was one of the main reasons to have the trail permit. A majority of snowmobile owners buy their sleds and register them. They don't join clubs and don't volunteer their time. As for the lake staked trails. Our club has to buy those 2" X 2" stakes, buy the reflective material (which is not cheap), buy the signs, use our own sleds and equipment to put them all out, only to have someone in a car or truck mow them down when they are on the lake ice fishing. In addition, speaking for the Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club, we have had to buy our groomers and drags. We own three Bombardiars - 2 160BR Tractors and 1 180BR Tractor and several drags for grooming the Tomahawk Trail; 2 Ski Doo Skandics and drags for grooming the portages between all the lake trails; and a small storage garage for all the stakes and signs. We pay rent to house and maintain the groomers. We pay our groomer operators and mechanic $12/hr. whereas the DNR operators get $45/hr. We have finally gotten our debt down to less than $60,000. I did ask our State Rep. David Dill about the snowmobiles use for fishing and not riding the groomed trails, but following the staked lake trails. This is what he said: Quote: The way it has been explained to me is that a marked groomer trail on the lake that is a part of the designated GIA trail system requires a sticker. Thus far I have received no complaints regarding citations issued to fisherman. I haven't heard of any enforcement on this issue. This is a gray area which would be very difficult to define. - State Rep. David Dill My suggestion is to get this gray area better defined by contacting your State Rep.
  2. Both of our sleds had about 1000 miles on them when we bought them. They should be good for another 25,000 miles with these 4 strokes.
  3. We just traded in one of our 2002 Arctic Cat 600ZL with 10,000 miles on it. We kept my 2002 same machine with 10,000 miles on it for a spare machine. It still runs great. Good maintenance... change bearings and rebuilt the shock is about we've done to it. We're riding matching 2005 660 Turbos now. Bought Arctic Cat demos at a big savings. I see there are a couple of these machines on hsolist for the same price we paid.
  4. Macgyver55, I forgot to say my brother and family live in Coon Rapids. He's a machinist at Mill Works (I think).
  5. It's amazing what little snow the trails have, yet the riding is not that bad. My husband and I rode 100+ miles today starting from Ely and riding the lakes to Birch Lake and the Hidden Bay trail. Brich lake was being staked. Like you said, the Stony Spur was good and we headed south toward the Tomahawk Road. We rode the logging roads to Knotted Pine. Stopped there for a bit and then headed back on the Tomahawk Trail part way, and then picking up some logging roads again. All in all, it was a great day of riding. Got word from the Tomahawk Trail administrator that they are going to try to groom the Tomahawk from Knotted Pine to the North Shore Trail tomorrow. If all goes well and the machine isn't pounded too much, they'll try grooming toward the Mattila Shelter. We need about a foot of snow in order to groom from the shelter to Ely. Luckily we can get on the lakes from the Stony Spur. Pray for snow!
  6. People are under the impression that there isn't any good snowmobile riding in the Ely area, which includes Ely, Babbitt and Tower. WRONG!!! We've heard that people are cancelling reservations for the Fun Run Jan. 27 thinking the riding is bad. The Fun Run ride is all doable on lake trails. If interested, go to: http://www.ely.org/events/index.php?event=1619 Also, remember... money from the Fun Run will help our are clubs improve trails by getting rid of the rocky areas for flatter trail base. Just got back from another 60+ mile ride. A short ride is better than no ride! Our 3rd such ride in the past week. Surprisingly, even with the little snow we have in the Ely area, the trails aren't that bad. Trails are snow covered with NO bare spots. What helps is we also have the options of lake trails. Most lakes in the Ely, Babbitt & Tower area are all staked. Birch Lake still needs some staking. Pressure ridges on White Iron Lake and Vermilion, and alot of exposed rocks due to low lake levels. Connecting trails between lakes are all in good shape and being groomed. The Grassy Lakes Trail is still a nice ride even without the Chainsaw Sisters. the Hidden Bay Trail from Birch Lake to the Stony Spur is in great shape. The trail from Birch Lake to Bear Island Lake is a bit rough, but not bad. The trails between Burntside Lake, Mud Lake and Vermilion are a bit rough, but being able to ride 26 miles of Vermilion is great. The Stony Spur from Babbitt to the Mattila Shelter is in very good shape. The Babbitt Spur to the Taconite Trail is very good. The Taconite Trail is a bit rough in spots, but still in good shape. We've ridden worse. This from Scott up at Knotted Pine in Isabella as of 1/18/07: The trails have been adequate enough for weeks to get to the fire and logging roads, which have been excellent. Off trail to the north has been good. We've had full bookings every weekend since Christmas and no one is complaining. Of course, it's not easy trail riding and traffic is far less than normal. We've gotten 3" today and it's still lightly trickling down here at midnight. Two Harbors is going to give a shot at grooming up this way in the next couple of days. ***Think snow!!!*** SnowAngel
  7. 2nd Annual Ely Igloo Club RADAR RUN Saturday, February 10th 12:00-5:00 (registration opens at 11am) The Longbranch on Fall Lake Stock & Modified Classes Kid’s 120cc Run Non-Traction Fun Run Food & Beverages provided by The Longbranch For more information please contact: Kurt or Kristi at 365-6749 [email protected] Sponsored by: The Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club
  8. Still praying for snow in all of northern MN. Not much snow in the Crane Lake area or up around Grand Marais. The Ely area is supposed to get some snow over the next few days so there may be better riding this weekend. All lakes in the Ely, Babbitt and Tower area have been staked. The Ely Igloo Club has been packing and grooming some of the smaller local trails. The Grassy Lake Trail is still nice for riding, but no more Chainsaw Sisters, as it was recently sold and turned over to the Forest Service. Bummer! Riding is doable on the lake trails to get around from Ely to Babbitt to Tower.
  9. 2007 Fun Run - Saturday, January 27, 2007 Snowmobile the trails between Ely, Babbitt & Tower, or drive to each Check-In with your car. Collect bonus tickets at each Check-In Point - Grand Ely Lodge, Tank's Bar in Babbitt & Benchwarmers in Tower All money raised will go to support snowmobile trails in the Ely, Babbitt & Tower area. Wrap-up party at Fortune Bay! 1st prize: $1000 2nd prize: $500 200 bonus prizes! It's like a $20 raffle with at least 7 chances to win prizes for each registration! Mail-in Registration Form Name______________________________ Address____________________________ City________________________________ State_____________ Zip_______________ Point from which you will probably start: (Circle one) Ely Tower Babbitt Registration: $20 in advance up to January 20th $25 January 21-26 and day of the event Make check payable to: Fun Run P O Box 325 Ely, MN 55731
  10. Mark your calendar for the Dorothy Molter Museum Annual Fundraiser Dinner! Monday, February 5, 2007 at the Grand Ely Lodge Help support the Dorothy Molter Museum. Dorothy was the last resident of the Boundary Waters and two of her cabins from Knife Lake are part of the museum on Ely's eastend. Call 218-365-4451 for tickets for $25 each More info in Ely local papers. UNABLE TO ATTEND THE DINNER BUT STILL WANT TO HELP SUPPORT THE MUSEUM? Become one of Dorothy's Angels From the early days of snowmobiling, snowmobilers played a big part in Dorothy Molter’s life. They became known as Dorothy’s Angels for hauling Dorothy’s supplies to her islands after the float planes were banned. Dorothy would give long lists of supplies and food she needed to area snowmobile clubs in Ely, Winton, Two Harbors, Virginia, and Grand Marais and they would all go up on a designated day each February. Many would stay the day and chop Dorothy’s wood and cut her ice for the coming season. All through the 1950s, 60s, 70s, and 80s, as long as snowmobiles were allowed in the Boundary Waters, Dorothy’s Angels brought Dorothy’s supplies to her islands. Realizing that many snowmobile clubs are involved in charitable gambling, the Dorothy’s Angels Fund would be a great way for a new generation of Dorothy’s Angels to help the museum to keep Dorothy’s story alive. With snowmobile clubs as the museum’s benefactors, it can be assured of having ice cold root beer for the many visitors who come to the museum to hear about Dorothy and the Boundary Waters. May 6, 2007 will mark the 100th birthday of Dorothy Molter, and the foundation would also like to do something extra special. When Dorothy was alive, a distinctive fence of canoe paddles lined the pathways on her Isle of Pines. What started out as a way to use broken paddles for pickets on Dorothy’s fences soon became a display of all the visitors to the Isle of Pines. The foundation would like to include canoe paddles to commemorate all the snowmobile clubs – Dorothy’s Angels – that helped Dorothy over the years, and to include snowmobile clubs, past and present, from all across Minnesota. Everyone who supports the Dorothy’s Angels Fund will receive a certificate of recognition. Individuals making a donation of $100 or more will receive a KWITCHURBELIAKIN T-Shirt. Snowmobile clubs or other organizations donating $250 or more will have a paddle placed on the fence at the Museum. Dorothy’s Angels Membership Form Individual/Snowmobile Club Name ________________________________________ Address ______________________________________________________________ City __________________________ State ____________ Zip ______________ Email Address _________________________________________________________ Individual Family memberships: $25_____ $50_____ $100_____ $200_____ Other_____ Club/Organization memberships: $100_____ $250 _____ $500_____ Other_____ Send to: Dorothy Molter Museum P.O. Box 391 Ely, Minnesota 55731 (218)365-4451 www.rootbeerlady.com KWITCHURBELIAKIN T-Shirt size: M___ L___ XL___ XXL___
  11. Here in Ely, MN they are referred to as snowmobiles or snowmachine. "What kind of machine do you ride?" is often said. Here's one for you.... anyone remember the term 'biling (snowmobiling), as we're going 'biling today. It was common in the early 1970s.
  12. It's over! We blew our last chance to ride this past Friday and Saturday. We listened to the forecasts, which were totally wrong. Said it was going to be in the 50s and rain. Both Friday and Saturday didn't even reach 40 degrees. Bummer! Our mindset is now in the 'riding is over' mode. Maintenance on the sleds has begun. Changing bearings and recharging shocks. Until new season. ------------------ ***Let it snow!*** Support the Sport - Join a Club!!!
  13. jbjr- Don't give up the ride yet! Here in the Ely area we still have lots of snow, and with temps near zero at night, it doesn't look like it will be melting to soon. Staked lake trails and portages are still all in good shape. This past Friday we snowmobiled the lakes from Ely to Lake Vermilion. The trails in between were still very good. Saturday, 12 members of the Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club trailered to Crane Lake and rode to Lac La Croix (need Remote Area Border Crossing permit- RABC). Had a great ride to the pictographs, built a fire and had lunch. This weekend we are planning to trailer to Silver Bay to ride the trails around there. We would ride from Ely, but you're pretty stuck without wheels getting to restaurants. We'll be just staying one night at the new American Inn. The Finland area has alot of snow, more than the Ely area. We're not ready to quit riding yet. A couple more rides are definitely in our plans. ------------------ ***Let it snow!*** Support the Sport - Join a Club!!!
  14. SnowAngel


    Ely got several inches today. Riding in the fresh powder was great. The Tomahawk Trail to the North Shore Trail will be groomed by the weekend. The Ely local trails, including to the Chainsaw Sisters will also be groomed. ------------------ ***Let it snow!*** Support the Sport - Join a Club!!!
  15. Good time at Ragnar Fun Run. Soon to be Hall of Famer Jim Marshall and Joey Browner came up with Ragnar. Close to 700 registrants. Lots of prizes and over $15,000 raised for area trails. In the helmet auction, over $650 was bid on Jim Marshall's autographed helmet. ------------------ ***Let it snow!*** Support the Sport - Join a Club!!!
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