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  1. When you guys say "trails", are you talking about logging roads? What kind of trails should I look for? Im thinking about hunting in the Smoky Hills State Forest. So if anyone has some tips or knowledge of this land, and they dont mind sharing, Im all ears. Tamarac is another option. I will be up there for 4 days and I wish all those days were spent hunting. But they wont because my wife and kids will be there. Maybe if my boy gets one on the first day, he wont want to spend too much time in the pool. Thanks again.
  2. My dog is a Chessie. I like him to work about 20 yards from me when hunting roosters. With the collar, I can keep him closer and stop him from chasing deer and rabbits. We havent hunted the big north woods, but we have been through some of the small patches south of the metro. 2 seasons ago he flushed a Woodcock from a thick tree line near Jordan, MN. I shot it and he went for the retrieve. When he picked the little bugger up, he must not have liked the taste and dropped it. After a few words with the dog, I decided to quit wasting hunting time and get it my self. Thanks for the advice guys. I knew that I would have to try both to see what works best for me. Just looking for a bit of insight from someone with experience.
  3. If the dog is at heel then yes, retrieving is what he is for. I have heard of people hunting that way. But I dont have any idea how to hunt these birds or how they act, thats why I asked. Hey Tim, if you cant help answer my question, maybe you should KEEP YOUR FINGERS OFF THE KEY BOARD!
  4. When grouse hunting with a flusher, is it better to have him at heel or finding and flushing them? Im asking because next week Ill be in Detroit Lakes on vacation and I want to try grouse hunting.
  5. I have a buddy who only deer hunts. He loves it when rooster season opens.
  6. I got my first one back in 93, fishing for bass. It was 41", and the biggest fish of my life. I still have the mount. Then in 96, I met a fellow who fished muskies, and he took me out a few times. We became good friends and fished for these things all the time. A few years back, I was frustrated with musky fishing and discovered catfishing. That has been my love for a while now. But suddenly this year I have the itch to hunt muskies. Ive been out 9 to 10 times this summer with only 2 follows. Each time out with nothing, forces me to hit it again. Now Im itchin to catch one bigger than my best, the first one. I should have let that 41 go.
  7. I like the St. Croix rods also. Ive tried Bass Pro Shops rods, and they are now "guest" rods. I dont like the BPS Pete Maina rod, too heavy. I should look at the Thorne Bros rods .
  8. Weather, it has been unstable more often than not. Thats my thoughts.
  9. Ive been there twice in the past 2 weeks. One 17 lb flat on cut, and one 11 lb channel on live chub. Some runs and bumps also. It was pretty high and fast back then, and Im sure its the same now.
  10. Mine doesnt too bad. But they tend to stink all the time. Very oily skin, a huge plus when hunting in cold conditions. Not quite the size you are looking for either. Still great hunting dogs.
  11. How about a Musky Stamp? Id buy one.
  12. Get a Chesapeake Bay Retriever.
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