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  1. I feel like I haven't been on in forever!!!! How is everyone? Fishing going well? I've only been out once so far and didn't get a single thing...must get out at least one more time this year though..sister's wedding and helping her keep getting in the way...
  2. mngirl

    It's mngirl's Birthday today!

    Wow it's been a while since I've been on, but THANKS!!!!!
  3. mngirl

    Happy Birthday LisaTealz

    Happy birthday!!!!!!!!
  4. mngirl

    Happy Halloween Everyone!

    I worked all day .
  5. mngirl

    Winter gear

    Thanks. I would love to make it out this winter to some of the gtgs.
  6. mngirl


    I've just been working and unpacking and helping get this messy house put together...and helping my sister plan her wedding... I am super excited to ice fishing too, but I kind of wish fall would have lasted longer, I love this season...
  7. Ladies, I need to get some new clothing gear this winter for ice fishing. I have limited funds, so any advice on gear that is somewhat inexpensive but works? I need boots, jacket, pretty much everything. Thanks .
  8. mngirl


    Good to know he's doing better! I understand the stress thing's been messing with my health as I have A LOT on my plate at the moment. Hopefully he keeps the changes up. Makes me realize I need to do something too.
  9. mngirl

    Prayers please

    Prayers did work. She is doing way better than expected. Thanks to everyone !!!!!!!!!
  10. mngirl

    This years ice fishing wish list

    A trip up north would be nice .
  11. mngirl

    Prayers please

    The surgery itself is not until the 21st of Sept. But it's over 4 1/2 hours long I guess and she is 83. I'm just scared for her because my grandfather passed away over 8 years ago and she lives alone so if she does become paralyzed the family will need to figure out something as her house is not exactly wheelchair friendly. I'm thinking positive though, I got my attitude and spunk from somewhere in my family, right !?!?!? Again, thanks to everyone for the thoughts and prayers . I'll keep everyone posted.
  12. mngirl

    Prayers please

    You are too awesome . Thanks.