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  1. What retail stores in the Twin Cities carry this, having a hard time finding it.
  2. wdgold

    Tackle shops

    Heading up to Red from the cities and was wandering if anyone knows of some smaller tackle stores on the way up that may have some items that the major chains are out of. I know the store in Waskish has had items in the past that were hard to find elsewhere.
  3. My grandfather had 2 springers during his hunting years. A friend of his had a Brittany, from what my dad observed he said he would take a springer before a Brittany.
  4. I should clarify that this would be WMAs mainly in the north woods where deer hunting is the main game along with grouse of course. So you wouldn't be dealing with pheasant or duck hunters, all deer hunters.
  5. Deer hunting WMA, As far as any trails go, does it make a difference if you are willing to walk the trails a long distance to a spot to reduce crowd traffic or is that wishful thinking? Thought being that no ATVs allowed people aren't as willing to make the long hikes.
  6. Oh I'm definitely looking for a hunter.
  7. Want to get a Golden, any recommendations for a breeder or someone who may be having a litter soon. Thanks
  8. Heard a few roosters early sunday while duck hunting in the Morris area. Hunted pheasants Sat evening after our duck hunt but no birds. Will be going to Brown Co. on Wednesday, 4 of us with 2 dogs. Any reports in the Brown Co area?
  9. I have an older 870, my safety button is hard to push. I have had it apart, checked it over and lubed that area with no success. Anyone have this same issue?
  10. This was my second year up there, once with my oldest son and now this time with my youngest, both have shot their first deer on this hunt. Awesome time!
  11. Had some new heat factory brand that didn't work this past weekend and have never had problems in the past. Is their a certain brand that works better than others? Thinking about going with the fuel heated ones instead of messing with the packs all the time. Thoughts?
  12. Took the kids last monday and decided to drive a little to get to some birds. Although we didn't get any we saw some birds and got some shots off and should of had a couple. I live in scott co. and didn't even consider hunting close to home especially without a dog. It was well worth the drive. I also did the youth pheasant hunt today with the boys and had a blast we limited out by noon.
  13. I have had some very good hunting during days right before a low cold front was moving in. The day before is best, I know this may be hard to believe but about 5 yrs ago we were hunting a day before a big cold front was to move in that night and we flushed at least 30-35 birds that day with 3 of us and 2 dogs.
  14. Good luck to your son! I was on a youth hunt 5 years ago in St. Croix state park with my oldest and had a blast. Didn't know for sure where we were going to hunt so we picked a spot along the road the day before the hunt walked in a few hundred yards found a tree close to some deer trails. First day he shot a nice buck 2 hrs into the hunt.
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