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  1. I just happen to have both of the above people mentioned coming out for some bids. I don't have in ground sprinklers. Can a guy get by with normal sprinklers?
  2. Just wondering what hydoseeding may cost per acre? Maybe some of you have used this before and have and idea? I would like a ballpark idea before I call around and have people come out for some bids....Thanks
  3. I would try to get there early Friday, that is your best luck. The camp sites are tight if your are going to try to get a big camper/rig backed in. They do offer biffs and old school water hand pumps for water ( I don't think id drink it). If there are no sites available when you pull in, you can just find a clearing off the forest roads and set up camp. I've seen that done a lot if you want to be off alone. The trails are great. I hope they got rain, it can get very dusty so that's why id where a helmet. I don't think you need to where one, to be sure check in the regulations book........Let
  4. Our drive way will be all of 400' long im thinking. Another ? is we have one low spot in it and I want to build that area up, it tends to pool up there after heavy rain. What would be the best to use to build it up. Thanks everyone!
  5. Hey, I am thinking of putting in driveway on a piece of land. Right now it is a grass area that I mow..Question is where do I start, take a 1' of black dirt out then fill in with clay? then top the clay with crushed concrete or class five? Just looking for the best ideas so I don't end up with mud pit after it rains...Thanks!!
  6. Thanks for the replies so far, we are out in the country more...so who would I call to find out about getting the house up to code? Has anyone else had a house moved and regret doing it and why? if so... thanks
  7. I am looking at having a house moved ( yes picking up a house and towing it down the road ) and looking for some bids on the project. I'm in the west metro so local company would be great to work with. ===== YOU GUYS CAN PM ME WITH COMAPNY NAMES AND NUMERS IF DONT WANT TO POST ON THE FORUM============================================== I am looking for company /referrals , suggestions for the following : - HOUSE/BUILDING MOVER - FOUNDATION / BASEMENT WORK - SEPTIC MOUND SYSTEM Thanks, just trying to put some figures together to see what I'm getting myself into....Thanks again
  8. Thanks guys...is there a market for this brand auger?
  9. Hey just trying to put a number on my auger and have not seen a lot of these on the market....what do you guys think Its a older year ?? Tanka Pro Force TIA 305 8" bit and works well...Again just trying to see if you guys can help me put # on it just to see what I have....
  10. I just got a used auger and after a carb cleaning it still wasn't right and found me wondering what else could be done. Now id like to say thanks for posting your mods!!!!!!!!!! Now my auger seems to be doing much better!
  11. My gear box is making odd sounds, still cuts good. is it a straight forward job to split it to inspect for damage... Any thing to watch out for like stuff flying out or anything?
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