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  1. Has anyone gone bass fishing on any of the freshwater lakes in the Puerto Vallarta area? Any recommendations?
  2. I have a unique fishing opportunity this weekend. Fishing an old DNR rearing pond that get fished very little. The owner of the land has told us we should use bull head minnows for bait. Anybody tried this, if so were you successful and where does one buy bullhead minnows? Thanks for any information you can give us.
  3. The game last night against Toronto was awful. If they continue to play that way, they will move up in the draft. I'm sure another James Sheppard like player is out there waiting to be drafted in the first round.
  4. I don't always unplug mine when charging. I guess I will be from now on. can't say enough good things about th ipilot.
  5. I finally got around to installing Groundbreaker and it looks great. Pretty easy to work with and the end result is amazing.
  6. Does anyone know where you can purchase this Groundbreaker product. I have a similiar issue on my house.
  7. The more the better. I have a deal with my wife. She gets a new purse, I get a new fishing rod. I smile everytime she buys a new purse.
  8. When will you be in PV? I have done a little searching online, but haven't done much research beyond that.
  9. Thanks for the report J. P. We will be booking a return to Wigwam for mid June after the first of the year.
  10. We are heading to Puerto Vallarta in late March and would like to do a little bass fishing. Does anyone have an information on the fishing in the PV area?
  11. My son is a Chev. tech and I have asked him about extending the range on my 09 Silverado. He said you can extend them with a two way system. He is checking on the cost of adding this to my truck. I will post an approximate cost when he gets back to me.
  12. I ordered one on Wed. and it arrived today. It looks like a great shirt. Will give it a try this weekend.
  13. Great to see Wigwam is a sponsor. We spent 3 days there this past June and had a blast. Tom, J. P. and the rest of their staff made our stay very enjoyable and the fishing was second to none. We will be going back next June.
  14. RonT

    Winch Cable Or Rope?

    Rope is my choice hands down. Had a cable break last spring that came back and hit my son in the face. Fortunatly nothing serious, but was scary for a short period of time.
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