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  1. meatfish

    Vultures...what is the popular opinion?

    Every lake that I fish is a public lake.I know this by the use of the public landing I use to get on the lake.From what I understand apparently any one is free to use them,I guess both the lake and landing. Two years ago a buddy and I were in my fish house on a pile of sunnies and catching a few nice ones, an old timmer drove up and put down in two holes we had drilled about 40 ft away(we were the only house within 1/2 mile).He had no vexilar and had no way of knowing that we marked no fish there.It was very windy and we did not think it looked like that much fun for him.I walked over and introduced myself.I offered to drill a couple holes right next to my house so he had some wind break.He accepted,we gave him some hot coffee and some fresh fish we had just fried up.After some chit chat he proceeded to take us to school,and shared his bait with us. Without us he would not have caught much and without him we would not have caught much,together we had a blast,and I learned some new tricks and gained a friend.So my point is be nice and respectful and you just may learn something new and catch more fish. A little less my spot,my fish attitude goes a long way
  2. meatfish

    Bait for icing panfish??

    plus one for euro I like to use 1 white and one red,I also like grass shrimp when I can find them. Last year we where on fish and could not get them to bite so I cut a small chunk of fat off the ribeye steak I was eating and they went nuts over it.What started as a joke put some fish in the bucket.So now table left overs are going on the lake before the garbage.Chicken skin,pickled herring,sea food parts,who knows what may work?
  3. meatfish

    2nd marriages

    I am thinking Sleeper shack on LOW or house boat on Rainy,Best man and Maid of honor show up for wedding,then go to the hotel rooms you got for them,local justice does his thing and leaves.All done while you have lines soaking!! Or I agree with fishgutz,except a stop at the court house on your way to upgrade the boat!!
  4. meatfish

    Black bean & corn salsa

    try google foodgawker and use their search engine for salsa and you will find something you can use.
  5. meatfish

    Burger combinations

    One year I ended up with(in trade for veggies from my garden) the fallowing ingredients that made the best burger combo I have ever eaten! 2 lbs ground ribbeye(? as to why he ground it) 5 lbs ground elk 3 gallon bucket of morels 2 lbs apple wood molasis cured bacon(chef cured) 2 lbs of smoked gouda cheese 1 jar of horseradish onions and peppers from the garden. We ran out of buns,onions,peppers and horseradish near the end so I made mine melt style on dark pumpernickel in garlic butter, and all I got to say is "dang oh dang hoot dang" Disclaimer:as with some of the posts here there may or may not have been some drinking of alcoholic beverages involved which may have effected the judgment and the actual outcome of these burgers!
  6. meatfish

    Great French Toast?

    I started using whole grain and wheat breads,12 grain,honey wheat or swedish wheat when you can find it.We always seem to have apples that need to be used so I cook them with sugar,cinnamon and corn starch to thicken for topping and sprinkle with shredded cheese.When I can get to Trader Joes I pick up a few jars of their pumpkin butter(it is awesome) and add a very little bit of ginger and nutmeg to the egg mix. I also like to mess around and make savory type french toasts.try 12 grain bread,with Mrs Dash garlic & herb,butter milk or sour cream and egg mix,fry in pan,top it off with fresh baby spinach,a fried or poached(seasoned with lemon pepper) fish fillet,grated parmesean cheese and finish off in the oven.For lunch or supper substitute a pita for the french toast,and call it crappie pizza!(My favorite fish house food) Also french toast eggs benedict.Try look up Food gawker,there are pages and pages of food blogs.Use their search engine for french toast/ breakfast
  7. meatfish

    seized 20 hp merc

    thanks boatfixer
  8. meatfish

    seized 20 hp merc

    Thanks,I have heard diesel fuel but not sure what would be best?
  9. meatfish

    seized 20 hp merc

    I must have left a little moisture in the thing last fall and did not fog,The pistons where seized,and the plugs a little rusty.The pistons came free very easy but there is a little drag when pulled over,Is there some thing I can put in to clean it up,or should I pull the head and hone it out?I did not want to start it yet for fear of scorching something.
  10. meatfish

    Breakfast of Champions.....

    The heck with every thing else,give me a plate of the sauteed morels!!
  11. meatfish

    Funny/clever (ice)fishing sayings...

    when people you don't know get a little too snoopy. Where did you catch them? Under the ice! What did you catch them on? Their lips! When are they biting? When my bobber goes down! What lake did you get them at? Lake Nunya(Nunya business)or Lake Notcho(Notcho business). When some opens your door and stick their head in and asks"what ya catchin"? A cold draft from the open door! When some one new fishing with me asks"where do you go to the bathroom out here"? In my diaper! You need one?
  12. meatfish

    Crappies By The Number

    JB I lived in that area(prior) a few years,if you do prior lake(which I have never tried in the winter)a few years back I did real good on spring and cedar and they are close to prior.Both where evening and morning bites for crappie.Mornings when the crappie quit the sunnies moved in.Evenings when the crappie quit the walleye moved in.There was also some dandy perch on cedar.Have not heard much about either so they may be prime for pickin.(both where like clock work lines down by 6:15 am and 4:45 pm).On spring lake(20-21 ft) blue or red glow with the smallest crappie minnow in the bucket seemed to be the ticket.On cedar lake(11-12 ft) color did not seem to matter crappie or fathead minnow.On both lakes have waxies with,sometimes that is all that would work.Now I am all jacked up to take a trip to both.
  13. Good question.But who really knows,I have shot a deer that was sneaking around my father while he was smoking,but the deer may have scented the scotch coming out of his pours from the night before or heard him or seen him move.On the flip side,I have had to put smokes out to shoot deer.But where we hunted,the deer had to come past someone in our party.
  14. meatfish

    Green lake Spicer BUCK

    If anyone is bow hunting south of Spicer on co rd 10 and lost the track on a good sized buck,I watched a cripple come across a field just south of town and go into a wooded area.I hung out for awhile and did not see any one fallowing.He may have been clipped by a car.
  15. meatfish

    Shelves behind a Bar

    surface tension,my first thoughts were the same,brass,glass or trimmings from the mill with bark, At OP I like to go to a re-use center and see what they have,you can come up with some very unique ideas. I built a bar for my boss out of the back end of an old wooden crist craft,and used the hard ware and wood to trim the rest of the bar area out,and make shelves.We went from drinking beer and cutting up an old rotten boat to "Hey this would make a great bar".