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  1. finny

    Largest 8 pointer ever

    I hope you didn't take my post the wrong way. I thought you were closer to the story just so we could hear what was going on closer to the story instead of rumors. I hope you didn't think I was calling you out on anything, I just was looking for someone that actually knew what is going on istead of bar stool talk. It is a shame that animal had to be taken that way if everything that I am hearing is true.
  2. finny

    Largest 8 pointer ever

    propster it seems like you know alot about this story, maybe you could help us shed some light on what is fact or fiction?
  3. finny

    Menards 2 man flip up.

    Has anyone tried the 2 man flip up portable that Menards sells? I believe the brand is Strike Zone but nothing comes up when you google it.
  4. finny


    Thanks I have been in contact with them. Does anyone no anyone in SE MN?
  5. finny


    Does anyone know someone that teaches taxidermy??
  6. finny

    Frabill Trekker Question??

    Thanks, I am looking at getting a portable but I can't make up my mind on which one.
  7. finny

    Frabill Trekker Question??

    nobody has one of these portables??
  8. finny

    Frabill Trekker Question??

    Just wondering if anyone has one of these and how they like it? Can you fit all your stuff in the sled??
  9. finny

    Dropping antlers

    Has anyone else notices deer sheding antlers already. Friend of mine shot a big "doe" the last weekend of muzzle loader season and it turned out to be a buck already scabbed over. Then the next day another "doe" walked by and when he was walking back to his truck in the path the doe came from he found one shed that it just dropped still with blood on them. Good thing he let that "doe" walk by cause the shed he found was a 7 point shed!
  10. finny

    Anchor sight

    I am thinking about putting an anchor sight on my new bow does anyone else use one? Wondering what people think of it.
  11. finny

    Peep Question

    I just bought a new Switchback XT and love it, but the peep keeps ticking me off. It keeps turning so when I draw back the string will be in the way of my sight. If I keep messing with it I can get it to work for a shot or 2 then it will twist back. I am afraid that when I am in the stand this is going to happen to me. Any advice on how to fix this?
  12. finny


    Here's mine.
  13. finny

    Spinning Reels

    I am looking for some recommendations on spinning reels for walleye fishing. I have been looking at a Quantum energy PTi and a Shimano Stradic. Which would you recommend or what others would you recommend. Thanks
  14. finny

    How MN can get big bucks

    The best way I see to fix the problem and people may or may not agree with me but, I don't think they should have the gun season during the rut.
  15. finny


    I was just wondering if anyone shoots a Mossberg? I am thinking about buying on with a slug barrel for deer hunting and I don't know if I should buy a mossberg or a remington.