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  1. I've been reloading for years but never had to reload .223, I have a ton of mixed brass in .223 and 5.56. Do I need to sort the brass or can I reload it all up in 5.56? Any tips being it will be shot out of an AR? Thanks for any input, greatly appreciated
  2. hey in my area don't try Upper, its bone dry. Geneva is iffy, low waters and the ducks stay in the middle. Plenty of ducks around coming off the refuge to the south but you will have a hard time obtaining permish. Now that is an honest reply.
  3. Lakes are frozen here, the mallards and geese have a hole opened up still on the refuge. New mallards pushed in last night. A good 2-3k mallards going out to feed. Guys that are able to scout and get permish are shooting limits. Days are very limited now, especially if the ducks and geese can not keep those couple holes opened up on the refuge. Was out scouting and asked a couple farmers for permish but denied both times. Its never easy getting them in the fields, first you have to find the mallards, then get permish, then hope those birds want to use that same field which lately in this area off the refuge they have not been.
  4. Hunted this morning in the field, wind was INSANE! Lots of geese still around, did not see as many mallards though. All the lakes are frozen this morning except parts of the refuge. She is about done here boys! Couple hundered geese landed in the field, we were hunting for mallards and only seen a few small flocks.
  5. Should be the final push Friday/Saturday. Friday might be one of those days ya stay out all day as birds are migrating. Good luck to everyone going out for the final push. Still a good amount of mallards in southern mn if you can get out and scout where the birds are feeding. This is one of the first years in awhile where I can say that a decent amount of mallards moved in and stayed.
  6. luckycrank we were in the fields all wkend. I forgot to mention that in my post. Not sure how the guys are doing on water, looks as if most to all are having luck in the fields...pig and a poke though, the mallards are changing fields daily, hard to stay on them.
  7. The refuge outside of town started to fill up with the most mallards I have seen in a few years. Sounds like many hunters are having great success. 3 man limit of mallards on Sat. Watched alot of birds going out to feed. Someone posted earlier that they thought maybe the mojo was flaring the ducks they were hunting, we had 8 spinners going and they were dropping in from way above.
  8. Thanks for the replies so far guys. The Hellenbrand seems like a good softner. It's always nice hearing from people that have bought certain products. And as always it comes down to money and at $200 less than the competitor seems like a good choice. Hopefully some more posts come in from others.
  9. Just curious, but how much did it cost you total to have your 1.5 stall garage done? I'm going to start getting estimates on my garage soon to have is redone.
  10. Two choices that I have in my town are Culligan and a local plumbing company that sells Hellenbrand? The Hellenbrand dealer came in $200 less than Culligan. Anyone have any knowledge or experience with Hellenbrand water softners? Thanks!!
  11. Your going about it the right way, and its fun. Yes experiment with a little more/less powder and try different OAL. IMO one thing that I came to learn was that if once I found a rd that was shooting well like .75" groups I was fine with that if this gun was being used for hunting such as fox/coyotes. I would work up a rd, go to the range and shoot a 3 shot group, then be done. Almost every barrel once heated will start to "walk" the rds on paper. Then the next day I would go back out, and shoot one rd out of the cold barrel and if it hits where I wanted it then I was ready to use that rd out of that gun for hunting. One time I did a little to much experimenting with rds for a .22-250 trying to get the ultimate rd with precision accuracy and ended up fouling the barrel to where I was having rds walk on the paper. So now I just work up about 3 loads that I think will work, shoot all three loads and keep the best grouping. I like to always remind myself that if I'm getting consistant groups of .75" or less at 100 yards or 1" at 200 yards thats gonna put anything down. So try to keep it simple, if you think about it your kill shot is a 10" area or more on big game. I would be happy with that group of .64"-.89" that you shot, thats a decent group, id say its ready for hunting. Also one other suggestion, I would get the neck sizer die for .243, I only like full sizing new brass, once a rd has been fired in your gun, the brass is formed to your chamber so I like to just neck size the future rds rather than full sizing them, food for thought.
  12. Thanks for the post. Yeah I loaded up some 160 gr nosler using H4830 I believe at 62 gr of powder and CCI 250 mag primers
  13. Anyone have a good reload they really like in the weatherby 7mm mag
  14. You hit the nail on the head there! And that is one main reason why I am a depressed hunter. For those of you this season that shot ducks thats great. For some people that have not been hunting for many years they don't have anything to compare it to so maybe to them they did see alot of ducks and shot a few. Even down here in SC MN on the opener people did well with many groups limiting out on teal and woodies. But after the second week there were no ducks and no new ducks ever arrived. Sure if you had the time and spent 40-50 days out there you would get lucky I'm sure and get something to come in. But you would be waiting all season to see that no big push of mallards ever arrived here. I kind of laugh at the ones on here that said I need to scout more, no all the scouting I need to do is to drive around the entire game refuge and if I see a large influx of geese or start seeing flocks of mallards leaving the refuge in the hundreds then I know new ducks have pushed down. If there are not ducks on the refuge, well they sure as heck aint on the surrounding lakes either. And for some that told me to pick a different lake...well I hunted Geneva most of the time. The lake is very clean, very good habitat, contains sago pondweed, and is mostly rid of carp due to the DNR and DU partnering to reclaim the lake and installation of the new dam. Pickerel was another that was reclaimed and really turned out well, Bear is another that has been in the process to be reclaimed for some years now, and state line lake most recently is in the planning stages to be reclaimed. So even with a lake like Geneva that is clear, contains sago pondweed, good cover and habitat, all the things a duck would want, it still didn't matter. Only at the end of the season did I see about 100+ mallards out in the middle along with about 100 mixed divers. The next day I seen the raft was half the size. These ducks don't stay around, they rest for a day then gone. They are resting lakes and the ducks know where the middle is. So yes it was a depressing season me, waiting on something that was never gonna happen.
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