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  1. DON'T MISS OUT ON THIS YEARS TOURNAMENT HURRY & SIGN UP NOW!!!!! Entry Fee Only Refundable In The Case Tournament Is Cancelled Optional $5 Big Fish Pot 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. August 29th, 2009 $25 Entry Fee/Team….. Location: Lake Koronis Entry Fee Deadline is August 20th Minimum Size Length Of 14" MAXIMUM of 15 Teams Tournament Meeting Held 1/2 Hour Before Start Of Tournament. For More Information: Phone Chad @ (320)226-7048 Email: [email protected] HOPE TO SEE YA ALL ON THE WATER………….
  2. There will be a fall walleye tournament on Lake Koronis on August 29th for anyone who may have interest. First 15 teams to sign up will be fishing this years tournament...For information regarding this tournament send emails to [email protected] Entry forms and fees must be in by August 1st.
  3. Need good home for (4) adult rabbits and (2) black bunnies.....for more info, please email [email protected]
  4. There will be a walleye tournament on Lake Minnewaska on August 30th, 2008......taking first 15 entrants....for information regarding this tournament, please email [email protected] Still have plenty of spots available..... This will be our 5th year holding this tournament....up until this year the tournament was held on Diamond lake north east of Willmar, MN...decided we wanted a change......hope to see some teams out there!
  5. Our walleye league has plans for a late August walleye tournament on Lake Minnewaska.........There will be spots available in this tournament if you have interest. Send an email to [email protected] if interested in details and dates and such!
  6. what i have found to work really well is placing the fillets on cheese cloth this will keep the fish from falling into your smoker. You can also purchase a rack for smoking from cabela's, or gander mountain which is like a screen window built into a rack. They might even have them at walmart in the grilling supplies area. Not sure, but i have seen them one place or another. I just use cheese cloth, and it seems to work just fine.
  7. We have processed venison for many years now, and what we do even though we add beef or pork, is we make sure to add plenty of water to the ground meat before we start stuffing. This will keep it moist throughout the smoking process and the end result will be moist sausage and not to spicy. Hope this helps. I agree with the others also, do a taste test before you start stuffing to see if it is what you prefer.
  8. I looked it over very well and there wasn't even a thigh where the thigh should be. It was feathered over like it never had a leg on that side. Strange but kind of interesting. I am thinking of mounting it this winter. Maybe when i get it mounted and it is completed, I will post a pic of it.
  9. Got my first 870 (wingmaster) when i was 18 and I bought it used. It had about a box of shells shot through it, so it was in excellent shape. I will be turning the big 4 0 come next may and i wouldn't trade it for the world.
  10. Thanks for all the insight and suggestions. Oh by the way, isn't a golden retriever crossed with a yellow lab called a golden lab? I guess i thought it was.
  11. Was wondering if anyone else has ever came across this. On opener morning I shot a bluewinged teal when i went and picked it up, I noticed it only had one leg and thigh. Crazy.
  12. I have taught my 3 year old golden lab to shake with both paws. I reach out my left hand and he shakes with his right and vise versa. I also have taught him to speak and lie down. So if i present him with a treat, i ask him to sit, shake with both hands, lie down and last of all speak and then he gets not only a treat, but a great big hug and a kiss to boot. Maybe not hard tricks to teach em, but fun ones i guess.
  13. Was wondering if anyone else has had this problem with there golden lab? I have a golden lab that justed turned three this past spring. Ok the problem i have is he hasn't hunted waterfowl except for when i took him along when he was 6 months old, last saturday i took him for his first waterfowl hunt, got the decoys setup in a buddies pothole crawled into the blind and thats when it started. My golden lab thought it was time to take down the spread. He started one by one going out and retrieving the decoys. I finally tied him up in side the blind so he would stop. After about an hour or so, I untied him and he started doing it again. The only positive thing i see in this is that i only had to bring in 3 of my 14 decoys i had placed out there. Any help on this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. I too am an open water person. There's nothing like spring and fall jig fishing whether it be vertical or casting. Oh and i can't forget the live bait rigging that too is awesome. I used to be into the ice fishing, i still do it on occasion, but i would rather have the boat in the lake 12 months out of the year.
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