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  1. RiverKarhu

    1980 Johnson 25

    Thanks Bruce, I'll let you know how it goes. I talked to a local shop here today, but they are busy as helms and didn't have much time, just said "bring it in and we will fix it". I am worried about putting $500 into parts and labor replacing the burned stuff and then finding out it doesn't run worth beans. So I think I will clean it up and check the compression, if that is good, then I will probably bring it in to have it worked on. I figure it would probably be worth it if the compression is okay. cheers River
  2. RiverKarhu

    1980 Johnson 25

    Traveling to the cities wouldn't be a problem - someone told me of a place in Big Lake? Or something Lake......? I took more of the burned/melted stuff off today. Everything in front of the carb is melted, the air box, motor cover, tiller handle plastic parts, the choke / switches. Other than that, it looks okay, smoke/soot on everything, but other than that the nylon linkages etc on the motor are not melted or stressed. I think I'll plug the carb next and scrub the motor down with soapy water and see if anything else shows up.
  3. RiverKarhu

    1980 Johnson 25

    I "inherited" a '80 Johnson 25hp that was in a fire. The tiller handle is burned, the hood melted, and the airbox is mostly melted. Also the controls at the front of the motor are burned out. Other than that, it looks pretty good. The motor model number says it was a rope start, but somewhere along the way it acquired an electric starter. Previous owner said it ran great until the fire (not caused by the motor). - anyone know of a source for used Johnson parts? - since this was converted to a elec start, would it have a charging circuit? The price was right ($0), so I thought what the heck, can't hurt to give it a smash. cheers, River
  4. I leave my pumps and autos at home, the only gun I use for grouse is my H&R Topper, 12 ga, cut back to 20" bbl and threaded for a screw in choke (mod). Loads fast, swings fast, easy to carry, can't get any better than that. One shot is all I get, but most of the time that is not a problem. Later River
  5. I went out last week on our annual trek to SD. Instead of 10 hours on the road it took us 2 days - the blizzard had us stuck in Sioux Falls until they opened the interstate. But it was worth the wait. We hunt south central area, near Gregory. Lots of very big drifts, but birds were concentrated in the shelter belts. Couple of times we had 200+ birds flush. Weds/Thurs we hunted a couple of hours each day to get our limit, but Friday 9 of us surrounded a small 1 acre shelter belt and 20 minutes later we had our limit. It was great watching the birds run back and forth in front of the dogs. They flushed in pairs, then 4s and 5s, then dozens would get up at a time. Tough walking in some areas but we had a couple guys with snowshoes so they went in with the dogs. Later River
  6. RiverKarhu

    Explain your name...

    I live near the Bear River and have Finnish ancestry. Karhu is Suomi for bear.
  7. RiverKarhu

    Prove It's The Right Thing To Do

    Yup that's right: Eveleth, Mesabi Station, $1.3 million: Construct the Mesabi Station to serve as a destination visitor center. The center will include lockers and changing areas, restrooms, vending conference rooms, an information center, a gift shop and retail space, bike and roller blade rental, campgrounds, a picnic area, and secure parking.
  8. RiverKarhu

    Prove It's The Right Thing To Do

    It's a problem of different philosophies I think. We see them getting free handouts from the gov't, paving over the woods, converting our long used trails to no ATVs allowed and we shrug our shoulders, curse a little and then move on. They see us get a trail approved somewhere and they organize a group, start a lawsuit, petition legislators, chain themselves to trees. It sure will be a lot nicer around here now that we don't have the limited plan for the state forests. Later
  9. RiverKarhu

    Prove It's The Right Thing To Do

    Eiger - they are supposed to pay to ride the Mesaba Trail. They ran a survey a couple of years ago where they bragged about 50000 users on the trail blah blah blah. But if you look in the report further, you see where they only collected a few thousand bucks for fees. And they talk about us being outlaws? Also - they have a place to ride - they can ride legally on all the highways and roads. We can't. I agree - make them pay. Maybe we could get a license fee introduced, like you say, $10/year. Then if they are caught with no license they lose their spandex and bike. 2nd offence - lose your drivers license. What a hoot it would be to see the look on the face of a few certain people over that - heh heh heh. I'm too evil, I better go make a cash donation to some charity. Later,
  10. RiverKarhu

    Prove It's The Right Thing To Do

    ..........and now in the new transportation bill they have put $2.3 million for the long awaited hwy 169 improvement from Coleraine to Pengilly...no wait a minute, it's only going as far as the Scenic Hwy. Probably out of money because they gave $2.7 million to finish the bike trail from Grand Rapids to Ely plus $1.3 million for a visitors center in Eveleth. What ever happened to the "users pay" mantra they have been pushing on ATVers for the last 5 years? What a rip off.
  11. RiverKarhu

    Prairie Dog Hunts

    I just got back as well from a 3 day hunt. I started a few years ago with a No. 1 in .223, added an AR15 Bushmaster Varminter. Use both rifles now, alternate when one heats up switch over to the other. I limit myself to 10 shot strings to avoid barrel heating. Scopes are 4-14 Nikon and a 4.5-16 Weaver. Both work well. Next plan is to rebarrel the No.1 (6000+ rounds thru the present barrel) to 22-250 for longer shots. We shoot out to 400+ yards with the .223 but that is really pushing that round. Best shot I ever made is 422 yards. 200-300 is the best shooting, but over 250 or so most .22 bullets won't expand well at .223 velocities so you lose some of the spectacular explosive hits. I use a Hornaday 55gr SPSX in the No.1, that expands pretty nicely out a little farther. Heavier bullets in the AR (60gr) help buck the wind. Varget powder burns nice, meters well, and keeps groups down in the sub 1" size. Later River
  12. RiverKarhu

    ATV use on Public Land

    I think the picture did ATVers more good than harm by calling attention to what the naysayers and antimotorized crowd is calling "damage". For the number of ATVs that traveled over the trail there is very little damage, none of it permanent by any means as anyone who has not totally gone over to the dark side can see. later River
  13. RiverKarhu

    thumb extensions

    (empty) 12 gage shell used to work great for most throttles but seems they've gotten fatter might have to go to a 10 ga shell.
  14. RiverKarhu

    ATV use on Public Land

    Castmaster we did win one argument - I heard that last week a ruling was given that ALL trails will need an environmental review, not just motorized trails as some people would have preferred. I always shake my head when I go by the Mesaba bike trail and see where they crossed streams and filled in low areas, the same things they don't want motorized trails to be allowed to do. Now the playing field should be a bit more level. later River
  15. RiverKarhu

    Gunsmith for antique shotgun

    Marlin Model 31 Hammerless Slide Action Repeater - Similar to Model 28 except scaled down for 16 and 20 gage. Bbls: 25"(20ga.), 26" (16 ga), 28" either ga. All w/matted top, standard chokes. Weight of the 16ga about 6.75lbs. Pistol grip stock, grooved slide handle, checkering on higher grades. Straight grip stock optional on Model 31D. Made 1915-1917, Model 31A until 1922. Values (circa 2002, NRA excellent) - 31A: $315, 31B:$425, 31C: $550, 31D: $1200. Also there was a Model 31F, same as 31B except 25" bbl, M choke, straight or pistol grip stock. Made 1915-1917:$375